A Disturbance in The Force

The earthquake in Haiti represented what I call a disturbance in the force, borrowing a Star Wars reference. When the earthquake hit, a number of people including myself had a physical reaction. People experienced nausea, headaches, and pains in their bodies. At first I thought my headache had to do with something with Spirit and some kind of expansion going on in consciousness. So I cleared and healed myself asking that any new information and expansion would be applied for my highest good. The ache in my head would go away but within an hour or two the dull pain returned.

I was aware of the Haiti situation but didn’t make a connection between my headache and the suffering of hundreds of thousand of people, the land, and the ocean. When I did, I saw a hole in the energetic pattern of our world. Fear, suffering, panic, grief, anxiety, terror, self-punishment, cruelty and hopelessness swept over our planet faster than the speed of light. My headache wasn’t going away because healing, clearing and heart balancing needed to be applied to Haiti. This was my High Self’s way of letting me know that I, and others, had work to do NOW.

I began by simultaneously sending the souls of those who had died back to Spirit to their right and perfect places, sending legions of Angels of Light to Haiti to provide love and support to those still alive, and doing a process I call Heart Energy Balancing to the traumatized region.

Heart Energy Balancing is a healing process of allowing your heart to open and reconnect to the center of the Universe. In this center is the energy of love and compassion. Draw this energy down and create a band of healing energy in which to surround the planet. Once you do this, focus on Haiti or any other region of the Earth you believe requires Infinite Love, Support, Healing, and Balance. Visualize white stars filling the area completely and lovingly. Ask that the Etheric Pattern of the area you are working on to be healed. Take about five to ten minutes to send your healing energy.

The first time I did this my headache went away and I felt an immediate release negative energy. I felt light and at peace. The next day however, my headache returned. After some further researched I discovered that in a past life I and others had been responsible for the creation of this area of the planet; on a spiritual level I felt responsible for the earthquake and was experiencing guilt for not protecting the land enough. I cleared this immediately and asked I be given infinite understanding on all levels of consciousness about the spiritual reason for the earthquake.

I believe the earthquake happened for a number of reasons. We needed to reconnect with our heart energy of love and compassion. We needed to see that we’re one with each other and when one person is harmed or traumatized we all experience it in some way. Alternatively, if someone experiences a miracle, we all experience this wonderful occurrence. We are deeply connected in a timeless energetic net of universal love. The more we can access and acknowledge our connection with each other the more compassion we have for each other and will think twice about emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically harming each other.

Finally, I think those of us who are intuitively connected and are learning universal spiritual principles can see, feel, taste, smell and hear our energetic net in very real ways. Sensing a disturbance in the force is not just a movie term or occurrence. it’s a very real experience that transforms our lives and can empower us if we allow the transformation to happen.

Copyright © 2010 by Shirlyn Wright

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