Would You Rather Be Right or Happy?

When I first heard this question over 20 years ago, I thought it was a trick question. Back then, I believed that being right was what made you happy. How could you be happy if you had to admit you were wrong? Over the years, I began to understand it from different points of view.

It became less important to correct people or to win an argument (even though I was SURE I was right), because I knew it would not contribute to peaceful situations. So I was keeping my mouth shut to preserve the peace. I found myself feeling annoyed when other people insisted on correcting me or trying to make me wrong. A perfect reflection no doubt, of the part of me had the urge to compete with them and prove that I was right and they were wrong. Ah — the joys of the ego.

Later on, I found it easier not to prove I was right, because I was convinced that the people who had it “wrong” would not get it anyway. I was sure they were too ignorant or locked in their ways and beliefs to be able to see “the truth.”

And in a different way, I still believe that. I’m not judging people who don’t see things my way as ignorant and stubborn any more. I understand that we all generate realities from our beliefs, so the other person’s reality is very real to them, even if it is very different from mine. All of us have experiences that validate our deep beliefs. We have the cycle that goes from belief to an experience that we can use to say, “see, I told you this was true,” to hardening of the belief to more validating experiences.

So, because I understand that our thoughts create or reality, I understand that it is important for me to think happy thoughts. It is important for me to believe in the continuous flow of well-being and abundance from Source so that I can generate experiences that further validate that belief and solidify it in my reality.

Since my goal is to think happy thoughts, experience happiness and bliss and allow the flow of abundance and well-being into my life, there is no room for making people wrong. In order to maintain the happiness, I cannot dwell on who or what I might think is “wrong” in this world. It is not possible to remain happy and blissful while also pushing against others and making them wrong.

There is no shortage of news shows available to tell us what and who are wrong and how we should be upset about them. They want to get people riled up and upset, because the people who will get upset are people who are more likely to tune in tomorrow for more bad news. But I don’t even want to make them wrong. They are just perpetuating their realities, the best way they know how.

And for those who don’t watch the news any more, there are always relatives available to tell you that you are wrong and push against you. Most of my relatives do not believe that we create our reality from our thoughts and beliefs. They think I am somewhat deluded. and they occasionally feel it is their duty to remind me of that.

I used to get upset and argue with them, but I don’t any more. I would rather be happy than right.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young