Virtual Realities

For the past three weeks I have been sucked into playing Café World on Facebook. It’s a virtual world of owning a cute little café where you cook wonderful and ordinary dishes for your friends and Facebook community while competing for the highest score. You use your virtual money to expand and or decorate your café with exotic Moroccan, Asian or retro wallpaper, vases, window treatments, lamps and an array of other cool décor. You can change your look everyday – one day your hair can be funky and pink and the next conservative and brown.

One of the reasons I got sucked into playing in this world is because I am a competitor at heart and being in last place just made me determined to catch up with everyone and then make my move into first place. Another reason, is my fascination with this and other virtual games and their abilities to completely capture a simple pleasure everyone seeks in life; the joy of self-expression.

It’s really easy to be accepted by others if we decide to “play a game about life” instead of “live our life.” In a virtual reality you can make mistakes, look and act wacky, as well as, allow yourself to be fantastic and great by becoming conqueror, queen, or ultimate fighting machine. Why are we afraid of doing all of this in our everyday lives?

We know it has to do with conditioning, fear, limitation and not wanting to stand out. Yet we really WANT to express ourselves and embrace our greatness. How can we become more comfortable in this physical reality? Well let’s start by acknowledging that we are already living in a virtual reality. This life we are living in right now is not real. It is a figment of our Soul’s imagination.

Remember when you sat up in the Spiritual Realms Control Room talking to Spiritual Software Gal about where you wanted to go, how you wanted to look, who you were going to be with from the start of your life to the end, the talents you wanted to use, and the challenges you wanted to face? You remember.

Spiritual Software Gal got to work and showed you a panoramic view of what could possibly happen in this life. You changed some of your possibilities and opportunities because you didn’t quite like what you saw. You even asked her to reconfigure the software and add or delete to your specifications before you launched your Virtual Physical Life.

Before we left to play our Personal Virtual Game, Spiritual Software Gal showed us some pretty important and nifty numbered F keys to use when things got dicey. We have: “Forgiveness” or F1 Key; “Freedom” or F2 Key; “Remember to Have Fun” or F3 Key; “Faith” or F4 Key; “Friendliness” or F5 Key; “Self-Forgiveness” or F6 Key; “Focus on Your Divine Plan” or F7 Key; “Follow Your Heart” or F8 Key; “Figure It Out and Fast” or F9 Key; my personal favorite, “You’re Fabulous Baby!” or F10 Key; and a lot of people’s personal favorite, “Oh, F%@& It” or F11 Key when you need to throw caution to the wind and take a chance.

We have other keys to hit in times of crisis: “I Deserve Better” or IDB Key; “Wait! I’m Spirit” or WIS Key; “I Love Myself” or ILM Key; “Learn My Lesson Now” or LMLN Key; “Heal Myself” or HM Key; “I Need a Miracle ASAP” or the ASAP Key; and then there is always the “Delete” Key to get rid of negative energies holding us back.

We also have Spiritual ATMs and Spiritual Healing Temples we can access anytime. We can download knowledge and understanding into our subconscious minds because everything ever done, written or expressed can be accessed from the Virtual Hall of Books. We can bend time and space because, this is after all, a virtual reality. We can drop that extra weight with a thought; say, “Beam me down Scottie” and end up in middle of a celebration in Seoul; and erase illness in a blink of an eye if only we remember this is our virtual world and we are in control.

But many of us have forgotten that this life is our Personal Virtual Game. We have forgotten our power, that we are in total control, and can do everything mentioned above. Most of us have gotten lost in the construction of our game and have made the UNREAL REAL. This is why we play virtual games on our computers: to remember that our life can be as easy as playing these games.

I think it’s time to hit the ALT CTRL DEL Keys to give yourself that spiritual kick in the head you need to bring you back to true reality.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

Editors Note: For Mac users, substitute ‘Command’ for ‘CTRL’ and ‘Option’ for ‘ALT.’ (smile)