The Effects of Mercury and Mercury Retrograde

When I was a child there were two subjects I had a fascination about: Greek Mythology and Astrology. I was captivated by the stories of the gods and goddesses; their antics, affairs, fights, bravery and trickery. Astrology held a different kind of fascination. I started reading the daily astrology shorts in my newspaper curious about how my day might evolve; I don’t know why because what could possibly happen in a seven year olds life that isn’t somehow routine? Maybe I was trying to get a heads up on the right day to ask my parents for something I knew they would be somewhat against, like eating ice cream before dinner or watching television until 10 PM on a school night; what all seven year olds want!

Later on as I learned more about astrology I discovered I was on the wrong track in getting what I want from my parents. I should not have focused on our Sun Signs (the sign of the day you were born). I should have looked at the sign in which our Mercury is in! Mercury is the planet that rules all types of communication, intelligence, language, memory, expression and the mind. My Mercury is in the sign of Leo which means I am passionate, confident, inspiring, dramatic, and express grand visions. I think I used all of those communication traits with my parents and I still didn’t get ice cream before dinner.

Mercury is really a very important planet. The older astrologers always referred to Mercury’s function as ruling the mind and the process of expressing the higher aspects of the soul in the physical world. According to astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, the symbol of Mercury is the crescent of the soul placed in the form of a cup on the circle of Spirit, which has been placed on the Cross of Matter. “The crescent represents the Soul which is actively pouring itself down into Spirit which in turn strives to express itself outwardly by pushing its ideas downward further in the Cross of Matter.” In other words, we are Spiritual Beings expressing ourselves through thoughts, actions and reactions in and to our physical world.

We see and experience the world in connection to our perceptions. We have the opportunity to see and experience the world as, “Spirit is within everything and everyone and rules the physical world,” or turning the symbolism upside down we can experience the world as, “The physical experience explains and rules Spirit.” Most of us experience the world as a combination of the two extremes. As we grow in consciousness we tend to gravitate towards the first.

A Mercury Retrograde period is a time in which the planet seems to goes backward in the sky but in actuality it’s not. Mercury Retrograde occurs three to four times a year and lasts about three and a half weeks. It presents a challenging time in the areas of communication, networking, information-flow, and travel. You can expect minor and major times of miscommunication, a slowdown in projects, and working twice as hard to get the same result. Why?

This time period helps us revisit critical areas of your life that are or seem symbolically inverted – Cross of Matter over the Circle of Spirit over the Crescent of the Soul In other words it’s a time to put projects, relationships, goals, life purpose, communications, or priorities back in their natural alignment that is ultimately for your highest good. It is essentially a maintenance period. A Mercury Retrograde helps you to take the time to resolve challenges so you can move forward more powerfully, confidently, and efficiently in the future.

Although the next Mercury Retrograde begins on December 26th and ends on January 15th, the effects of this slow down can be generally be felt two weeks prior to the actual event. I don’t know about you but I have heard of a few instances of the effects of the retrograde starting as early as this past weekend. A good friend of mine went on a date last night. They planned everything out and used MapQuest to guide them to their destination; they were coming from two different directions and both don’t know Chicago that well. He, the date, ended up lost for over an hour and an 8pm date didn’t actually start until 9:45pm! This is the timing aspect of a Mercury Retrograde.

The spiritual aspect for my friend is very significant. She hasn’t gone on a serious date for a couple of years. She is interested in dating him, however the actual date brought up a lot of issues she hasn’t completely worked through. This is great because she is VERY aware of her perceptions about men and the process of dating and is beginning to address those old beliefs and judgments she has with herself and men. The day after the date she had questions, anxiety and fear; today she is a much better space having acknowledged and worked through a lot of her “stuff.” She and her date are going on another date and she is very excited!

So, from what I can gather from Spirit this upcoming Mercury Retrograde will allow us to be aware of and work through negative energies of: judgment; ego; anger; and frustration. We may attract or display these energies “out of the blue” because Mercury Retrogrades are about things slowing down and regrouping…which can be a bit frustrating, because our ego says one thing and the actuality is that something else is to prevail, then we judge the situation, others or ourselves and then get a little angry.

The energies to bring into our consciousness either through meditation and awareness is: optimism, self-forgiveness; worthiness; confidence; and faith. Have faith and be confident that everything will work according to what is of the most benefit for you! Be optimistic and forgive yourself each time something negative happens or doesn’t go according to your plan. Work through your lessons as easily and effortlessly as possible because you are worth it!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright