No Pain in Gain

We’ve all heard the well-worn phrase “No Pain, No Gain.” We admire the people who try hard and struggle and we have been told that is the way to success (however we define it). Work really hard and if that doesn’t bring success, work even harder.

I know I have spent much of my life acting from the belief that I have to work really hard to prove that I deserve success. In the past dozen or so years, I have been working on making all of my processes come from that understanding. Letting go is critical (That’s why I keep writing about letting go from various angles.).

Trying harder produces resistance to the flow of the universe. That’s why the terms “Go with the Flow,” and “Let Go and Let God” are much more accurate than “No Pain, No Gain.”

I am Source in the physical. You are Source in the physical. We are already the most powerful, creative energy we can imagine. Our task is not to create what we want, but let go of the resistance to what we want. The only reason we do not have everything we desire is because of our Resistance to it. We put all of our energy into making things hard so we can prove the accomplishments were worth the struggle for success.

Abraham tells us the reverse is true. They say that creation through action is mediocre at best and that creation through alignment of energy is where all of the Masters have found their Source.

I am Source in the physical. You are Source in the physical. The greater part of ourselves is still in the non-physical like a magnificent holodeck, waiting to manifest our desires.

I found this video from Abraham on the topic. Enjoy!

Copyright (exclusive of video) © 2009 by Victoria Young

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