Cause and Effect Chakra

The Cause and Effect Chakra is the eighth of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. This chakra represents your physical actions, their effect upon your multidimensional Self in the spiritual realms and the resulting manifestations that will occur in the physical.

Everything you do NOW in this very moment travels at the speed of light through many mental, emotional and spiritual passage ways to connect with similar actions stored in your Akashic Records, the recording of everything you have ever done since the beginning of time.

When these connections are made, openings and opportunities are instantaneously made in the next moment – your future. There is truth to the statement that what you do now is actually the most important moment in your life.

The Cause and Effect Chakra is located in the middle of the body directly behind the navel and equidistant from the both sides of your waist. It has a color vibration of orange representing inspiration and red signifying action. Its spiritual symbol is ALL; all there is, was and will be.

“Stephanie” has been searching for her life’s purpose almost all of her adult life.
She has many wonderful gifts she’s brought into this life including:

  • The ability to inspire others
  • Making people laugh when they want to cry.
  • Incredible intuitive abilities.
  • The talent to heal others, sometimes just by putting her hands on their shoulders.
  • She is also a wonderful writer.
  • Because of her childlike qualities of fun and storytelling, gains the trust of children very easily.

Stephanie has several degrees in the social science and business disciplines and feels pressured from her family and friends to use these degrees to gain a professional position in the business world. Although the very thought of working in Corporate America makes her cringe and gives her stomach cramps, Stephanie has decided to put her dreams of practicing spiritual work on hold to pursue other people’s dreams for her and, in actuality, themselves.

Stephanie is miserable. She has had three different jobs over the past twelve months and each has been worse than the previous one. She seems to attract bosses who are indifferent, insulting, and/or abusive. The positions Stephanie tends to attract are routine and mundane; completely in opposition to her vibrant personality. Stephanie gets a lot of colds, complains about aches and pains in her body, and breaks out on her neck with painful bumps every few months.

Her attitude is a bit defeatist to the point where she asks why she is still here. Stephanie consistently triggers energies of limitation which triggers past life patterns of limitation, health abuse, guilt, self-punishment and suicide which therefore forms her future experiences of limitation.

In our first several sessions, Stephanie’s High Self and spiritual committees cleared these negative past life energy patterns. They also cleared her blocks to freedom, confidence, relaxation, worthiness, prosperity and love of self.

Stephanie knows the business world is not the best venue for her to express her talents, yet she keeps ignoring her inner voice and continues on the path to her “no man’s land.” We cleared a number of additional past life roots where she sacrificed her happiness and well-being for others and some past lives where she made others give up their lives for her own self-interests.

To help support Stephanie with her shift and transformation, she was guided to wear or carry pearls and copper. Pearls help align our etheric and emotional bodies making it easier for us to physically manifest positive experiences. Copper not only helps to create more self-awareness, acceptance, and confidence, it helps to alleviate stomach cramps, physical stress and exhaustion.

To help build trust that the universe will support her when she decides to honor and follow her heart she was given an affirmation, “I trust myself, the decisions I make and know that I am in alignment with my true purpose in life.”

She was guided to speak up for herself. When Stephanie took a chance and spoke up to her boss, her stomach discomfort and cramps immediately disappeared and a breakout around her neck was gone in two days. She was guided to forgive herself for her past decisions and visualize a future that best represented her goals and dreams in this life. The first time Stephanie did this visualization she felt light yet grounded. Stephanie was finally guided to start her spiritual practice on a part-time basis in order to build her confidence and skills. As her business grows she will then be able to earn enough money to have a full-time practice.

Stephanie is currently doing everything she was guided to do. She is making a lot of headway in developing confidence in her work and is looking forward to the future she is creating now!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright