Astral Projection

I found some videos related to Astral Projection and Consciousness Phasing that I wanted to share with you. There are many that are just sales pitches for books, etc., but these give actual information on how to experience Astral Projection. I hope you enjoy them. The first video, called “How to do Astral Projection” gives you step-by-step instructions on preparing for astral projection.

Here are two more videos on OBE (Out-of-Body-Experiences) that tell us how to project our consciousness. There are some lovely images along with a soothing voice. He talks slowly and methodically, allowing you to absorb the meaning of what he says.

OBE Techniques 1

OBE Techniques 2

This video is a feast of images and sound called “Astral Projection – People Can Fly.” The music has a sort of hypnotic quality, though it has a strong beat. It is quite entertaining visually, like a dream sequence.

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