A Heartfelt Thank You

I am grateful for many positive things, experiences and people in my life and would like to take this opportunity to give a big heartfelt thank you to:

  • My boss who fired me from a potential lifetime of gray cubicles and bad coffee.
  • My last boyfriend who prompted me to leave the dating world and go on a nine year journey of learning to love myself.
  • The 15 extra pounds on my butt that helped cushion a few falls and prevent several major injuries over the years.
  • Former friends who decided to end our association because I decided to live a life I could be proud of.
  • My family who fought my decision to be a spiritual/energy practitioner – they pushed me to live my truth and prove them wrong.
  • Sexists and racists everywhere who made me look deeper at who I am and realize that their beliefs belonged right where they came from.
  • The Bush Administration for making me further understand where the true source of freedom is – within me.
  • The outdoor experience of camping – I will NEVER give up my right to choose five star resorts and hotels again.
  • The days of the Milli Vanilli when scandals and lies were ridiculous but didn’t cost people their lives.
  • The endless date which included a bad movie, awful food, and worse conversation – you know why.
  • People who constantly talk about mindless subjects, TV shows, and the latest star gossip – they always make me appreciate the silence.
  • My friends who showed me I can always rely on myself despite their actions, resentments, jealousies, and apathies.
  • My gym teacher who got high during school hours, my math teacher who resented the world and took it out on me and my fellow students, the two teachers who flaunted their affair in front of us, my second grade teacher who believed in our possibilities, the hippie nun who didn’t wear a bra and used music to inspire us. What an introduction to both the gritty and wonderful possibilities life had to offer.
  • Another boyfriend who showed me to always make sure my needs were also met in all of my relationships.
  • The elephant who charged my car and made me appreciate the concept of “your life flashing in front of you.”
  • The scrapes, falls, muscle cramps, and burning I experienced every time I climbed a mountain and saw the world displayed below.
  • The doctor who told me that I had acute bursitis in my hip and would have take steroids the rest of my life – he started me on my journey to discovering alternative health. After two Feldenkrais sessions my hip never hurt again. And they say doctors know everything!
  • Spirit who continually allows me to learn my lessons.
  • My ability to laugh at myself and life every chance I can get – we can’t take our lives too seriously.
  • Me for learning how to handle my lessons as effortlessly and easily as possible.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright