Lessons from Baseball – New Beginnings

The way athletes, especially baseball players, approach each new season is a lesson for all of us. They start fresh, renewed with hopes of becoming champions — no matter what happened last year.

Every year, when Baseball season ends, I feel a little bit down. Not truly depressed, but there is an “empty space” in my life for a few months where Baseball used to be. I watched a baseball game almost every day for over six months and now it’s gone. (I’m glad they have started the Baseball Network, where I can go get a little “fix” by watching some classic baseball games once in a while.)

My favorite team – the Colorado Rockies made it to the post-season, but were eliminated by the Phillies in the first round. The beginning of the let down.

The season is done. I know how it ends.

When the season began all fans were full of hope for the possibilities. For the fans of 29 of the 30 baseball teams, the season ends with a disappointment. For one team and its fans, the season ends spectacularly — they win the World Series.

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Thanksgiving – Time for Gratitude and Appreciation

It is wonderful to know that we celebrate a holiday dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. In this day and age, when everyone is multiplexing and trying to occupy their minds with massive amounts of busy-ness, people rarely stop and take the time to breathe deeply and give thanks for their blessings.

All of us have many blessings in our lives, starting with the fact that we can draw breath, think, feel and perceive the world around us. We are Source itself, capable of anything and everything.

John Demartini says that gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway to the human heart. He reminds us that people who count their blessings have more to be grateful for.

This Abraham video, recorded in November of 2007 does a good job of explaining the awesome power of appreciation.

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A Heartfelt Thank You

I am grateful for many positive things, experiences and people in my life and would like to take this opportunity to give a big heartfelt thank you to:

  • My boss who fired me from a potential lifetime of gray cubicles and bad coffee.
  • My last boyfriend who prompted me to leave the dating world and go on a nine year journey of learning to love myself.
  • The 15 extra pounds on my butt that helped cushion a few falls and prevent several major injuries over the years.
  • Former friends who decided to end our association because I decided to live a life I could be proud of.
  • My family who fought my decision to be a spiritual/energy practitioner – they pushed me to live my truth and prove them wrong.
  • Sexists and racists everywhere who made me look deeper at who I am and realize that their beliefs belonged right where they came from.
  • The Bush Administration for making me further understand where the true source of freedom is – within me.
  • The outdoor experience of camping – I will NEVER give up my right to choose five star resorts and hotels again.
  • The days of the Milli Vanilli when scandals and lies were ridiculous but didn’t cost people their lives.
  • The endless date which included a bad movie, awful food, and worse conversation – you know why.
  • People who constantly talk about mindless subjects, TV shows, and the latest star gossip – they always make me appreciate the silence.
  • My friends who showed me I can always rely on myself despite their actions, resentments, jealousies, and apathies.
  • My gym teacher who got high during school hours, my math teacher who resented the world and took it out on me and my fellow students, the two teachers who flaunted their affair in front of us, my second grade teacher who believed in our possibilities, the hippie nun who didn’t wear a bra and used music to inspire us. What an introduction to both the gritty and wonderful possibilities life had to offer.
  • Another boyfriend who showed me to always make sure my needs were also met in all of my relationships.
  • The elephant who charged my car and made me appreciate the concept of “your life flashing in front of you.”
  • The scrapes, falls, muscle cramps, and burning I experienced every time I climbed a mountain and saw the world displayed below.
  • The doctor who told me that I had acute bursitis in my hip and would have take steroids the rest of my life – he started me on my journey to discovering alternative health. After two Feldenkrais sessions my hip never hurt again. And they say doctors know everything!
  • Spirit who continually allows me to learn my lessons.
  • My ability to laugh at myself and life every chance I can get – we can’t take our lives too seriously.
  • Me for learning how to handle my lessons as effortlessly and easily as possible.

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Travel the Void

Travel the void, a place where nothing yet exits, but all potential dwells – A Mayan saying.

When I was younger, I often wondered about “The Void.” In school my teachers told me and my fellow students that a Black Hole in the middle of space is a place void of light, sound or vibration. I was fascinated that there was a place like this and I wanted to know what it would feel like to there. I remember daydreaming about drifting along in this silent nothingness understanding the concept of peace and oneness. Can there be a potential phenomena beyond The Void? Is there a cosmic and/or physical reason for Black Holes?

Peace and oneness, we’re led to believe, are in the middle of the universe contained in a Black Hole, however we can find this stillness in a breath, a moment of focus, knowingness and when we shut out the noise of our day just before drifting off to sleep. In this moment of stillness, there is a sort of gravitational and cosmic pull that helps us reach beyond our “normal” senses. There is a sound of an electrical charge going off and we are able to see very clearly everything going on around us.

You see that beyond the stillness of peace and oneness is an opportunity to arrive at truth and knowingness. On the other side of the Black Hole is a Mirror of Light.

This Mirror of Light shows us the path to our Creative Source and potentiality – reflections of the higher aspects of ourselves. Only in stillness can we arrive at infinite understandings of our true nature – Spirit. So stop. Be Silent. Travel the Void. Where you eventually arrive will only be a mirror image of yourself – a reflection of Spirit.

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What Do You Expect?

Are you getting what you expect? Or are you surprised by your life and the turns it takes? Do you feel that sudden changes in your life come out of nowhere? I talked to someone recently who was in a bad car accident. I’ll call her “Henrietta” for these purposes. She was broad-sided at an intersection by someone speeding through a red light. Her car rolled over many times. As she told me the grim details, I was grimacing as I was imagining her being cut from the car. It was a very dramatic and sad story.

As Henrietta ended her story, she said to me, “I know you believe we create our own reality, but I didn’t create this. I would never create something like this.”

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I lived on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for some years. There I learned some of the Hawaiian customs. One of them is called “Ho’oponopono” — a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It was used by shamans or “Kahunas” to heal sick people. In order for healing to take place, all transgressions in the family had to be discussed and forgiven. It was believed that ones errors were the cause of illness. This is true in many Polynesian cultures.

They believed that the “sins of the fathers” fall upon the children. If the child is sick, the parents are suspected of quarreling or other misdeeds. Rituals were performed of mutual family confession and forgiveness to release the memories of wrong doing and free the sick from bad karma.

Whether you subscribe to these ideas or not, owning up to one’s errors, apologizing for them and receiving forgiveness can be very healing go to. It releases the great burden of carrying around unconfessed feelings of guilt. And forgiving someone for perceived “wrong doing” can heal the forgiver, as well. Feelings of anger and victimhood create a cascade of chemicals in the body that cause problems with stress and health.

When we forgive, we stop creating all of those nasty chemicals that contribute to dis-ease.

So, in that spirit, I offer the lovely video I found called “Hooponopono.” The phases repeated for Ho’oponopono are:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

So simple and profound.

And another video that gives instructions on practicing Ho’oponopono.

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New Moon — Time for Prosperity Rituals

Today is the New Moon, the time for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your future. I suggest you perform a New Moon Prosperity ritual every New Moon if possible. It is the most powerful if you do it within 24 hours after the New Moon.

As part of my process, I made some Blank Prosperity Checks to use to write checks from the Universe to myself. I made them look like the bank checks we are accustomed to seeing. There are three checks on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Here is what they look like: Continue reading

No Pain in Gain

We’ve all heard the well-worn phrase “No Pain, No Gain.” We admire the people who try hard and struggle and we have been told that is the way to success (however we define it). Work really hard and if that doesn’t bring success, work even harder.

I know I have spent much of my life acting from the belief that I have to work really hard to prove that I deserve success. In the past dozen or so years, I have been working on making all of my processes come from that understanding. Letting go is critical (That’s why I keep writing about letting go from various angles.).

Trying harder produces resistance to the flow of the universe. That’s why the terms “Go with the Flow,” and “Let Go and Let God” are much more accurate than “No Pain, No Gain.”

I am Source in the physical. You are Source in the physical. We are already the most powerful, creative energy we can imagine. Our task is not to create what we want, but let go of the resistance to what we want. The only reason we do not have everything we desire is because of our Resistance to it. We put all of our energy into making things hard so we can prove the accomplishments were worth the struggle for success.

Abraham tells us the reverse is true. They say that creation through action is mediocre at best and that creation through alignment of energy is where all of the Masters have found their Source.

I am Source in the physical. You are Source in the physical. The greater part of ourselves is still in the non-physical like a magnificent holodeck, waiting to manifest our desires.

I found this video from Abraham on the topic. Enjoy!

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Simply Saying How You Feel

Anger, frustration, and disappointment are just a few challenging emotions we all experience from time to time. It is actually healthy to express these emotions because they allow us to see where we may not be in balance in some areas of our lives and they give us a heads-up when we are not honoring ourselves. As a friend of mine told me once, “It’s OK to be angry now. I’ll give you a day then you are going to have to express yourself, move on and transform that energy into a positive outcome.” That was great advice. It reminded me of when I was a child and able to express my outrage, come to terms with the person I was upset with, move on, continue to play whatever game we were in the middle of as happy as I could be and the infraction a far distant memory.

When did the process of expressing your feelings become as dramatic as a stage production of Phantom of the Opera?

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Cause and Effect Chakra

The Cause and Effect Chakra is the eighth of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. This chakra represents your physical actions, their effect upon your multidimensional Self in the spiritual realms and the resulting manifestations that will occur in the physical.

Everything you do NOW in this very moment travels at the speed of light through many mental, emotional and spiritual passage ways to connect with similar actions stored in your Akashic Records, the recording of everything you have ever done since the beginning of time.

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