We Are Always Supported

In the direst of circumstances we are ALWAYS supported by the universe.

When we believe that there is no way out of a situation, there is no where we can go for assistance, there is no one who can help and we feel as if we are on the edge of the Grand Canyon and about to fall in, is when we are to look even deeper within ourselves and find our inner spark which is our connection to the universe. Just on the other side of those dark situations are the lights of creation; the solutions to our challenges.

All of us have had those moments. I describe them as moments when I can’t see an outcome and all I see is a big black void of energy.

When it happens to me, I face that darkness head-on and search for a spark of light that will lead me out. How does the spark of light appear? It created from a number of faint lights that come together and form a point of light, guidance, faith and support.

Those lights represent:

  • A deep and profound knowingness that there is at least one solution or path that will help you solve this challenge.
  • An understanding that you created this situation in order to create a solution.
  • Gifts and talents that you have brought into this life to use in any circumstances, not just when things are going well.
  • Souls whom you knew would incarnate during the same time you would and have asked to be your emergency crew in times of darkness. They could be the stranger who gives you a smile when you most need it, the bus driver who tells you exactly what you need to hear, the neighbor who tells you about a position that would be perfect for you skill set, a friend who feels inspired to give you a check, a teacher who recognizes your gift and encourages you to pursue it, and/or a family member who puts their hand out and asks what do you need.
  • Faith in yourself and the universe.
  • Light Balls of inspiration, happiness, poise, and strength your Guides, Guardian Angels, High Self Committee and other Light Beings keep hitting you with to get your attention.
  • Wisdom gained from many lifetimes of experience.
  • Your courageousness.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright