Spiritual Harmony Chakra

The Spiritual Harmony Chakra is the seventh of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. It represents our ability to achieve spiritual balance. This balance occurs when our full spiritual consciousness and awareness leading us on our life’s journey outweighs the beliefs, judgments, perceptions and illusions we allow to influence our choices. This is the process of living consciously in the present.

The color vibration of this chakra is yellow and gold representing the integration of physical will (yellow) and spiritual purpose (gold). Located in the liver, the Spiritual Harmony Chakra’s spiritual symbol is iodine. Spirit calls iodine the Grain of Life and says it represents the recognition of Spirit as our own consciousness.

How many of us look at life as only a fifth dimensional experience?  What we see, hear, feel, smell and taste is the only thing that is real? Actually there are times when we all fall back into this level of consciousness when we feel stressed, limited, emotionally hurt, physically challenged, mentally drained and spiritually forsaken. We start to blame others, judge ourselves, perceive life as “against us” and focus on panic and stress inspired solutions to our challenges. It is during these times we tend to ignore our spiritual consciousness, knowledge, abilities, and support. It is also the time when we need to rely on this aspect of ourselves the most.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, we create all of our potential challenges before we incarnate. Our responsibility to ourselves is to reconnect with our spirituality to not only move through our challenges as easily and effectively as possible, but to continually shift and change our consciousness to be as aware as possible about our participation in our life experiences. When we consistently act with spiritual consciousness and learn our lessons, we trigger fewer and fewer challenges until we can possibly have none at all. We will have achieved spiritual harmony.

“Daniel” was raised in Poland and lived a great deal of his life under communist rule. He describes his experiences as being extremely difficult. He remembers standing in line for hours to purchase food and sometimes leaving empty handed. He could not speak out against some of the injustices he encountered or witnessed. Daniel describes his family life as being full of stress and unhappiness. He felt his parents and brother didn’t express love to him or each other achat viagra belgique.

Daniel moved to the United States almost eight years ago to work and live the American Dream. He soon became disillusioned. He had earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering in Poland but could only get jobs that didn’t require his credentials. Daniel felt just as restricted in the US as he had in Poland and blamed both governments for his difficulties. Daniel was angry, bitter, frustrated, restless and held on to a lot of hatred towards others.

When Daniel came to see me his goal was to find peace, learn how to create more loving relationships, connect with Spirit in a more powerful way, and gain more control over his life. His High Self Committee found Daniel had past life patterns of limiting the lives of others through enslavement, religious control, and victimization. Daniel chose to have similar experiences in this life in order to better understand control, power, unity, compassion, restraint, harmony and love.

Daniel’s High Self cleared these past life patterns, released the negative energies he was experiencing and brought into his consciousness a great deal of understanding, love, forgiveness and understanding. Daniel was advised to meditate at least ten minutes a day visualizing yellow and gold waves of light from the universe entering the top of his head, washing through his body and exiting his feet. He was to say out loud to himself every day, “I am Spirit. I am one with Spirit. I am one with everyone and recognize them as Spirit.” By saying, this Daniel fully embraced himself and others as the highest form of expression.

Daniel began to be more open to positive experiences. He stopped blaming others for his negative experiences. He accepted that he was in charge of his life and in control of attracting any experience he wanted to have. Daniel took classes in reiki, meditation, channeling and Spiritual Response Therapy so he could continue learning about life, love and spirituality. Daniel says there are times when he regresses back to his old behavior patterns but has learned to recognize this behavior almost immediately.

Because he has changed, his challenges have changed as well! He says doesn’t attract as many limiting challenges anymore. Now his challenges are more about being confident in his gifts and sharing them with the world. Daniel says he’s having fun learning to work through this set of challenges and anticipates the next set being even easier!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright