Security Chakra

The Security Chakra, located just above the diaphragm, is the fifth of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. The Security Chakra represents our ability to feel grounded and secured as we become one with Spirit and our life’s purpose. The colors of this chakra are green and gold and its spiritual symbol is the phrase, “At One-ment is the goal.”

Between birth and the age of four everyone knows why they have incarnated. Why up to the age of four?  Because children are still living with one foot in the spiritual realms and the other on earth; after the age of four, if their parents are not consciously or subconsciously aware of this fact, they forget their reasons for being here. Up to the age of four children can see through you, understand themselves and readily get to the bottom of your and their motivations, intentions, and truth. Haven’t you heard a child tell a story you know they have never heard from you or anyone else about an event that has influenced why they are here?

While jumping up and down on my bed one day, my niece told me that she knows what it means to be a princess; it’s a very hard life. At the time she was four, became upset and told me she never wanted to be a princess again. I asked her why and she said they don’t have any fun, are sad and have to do a lot of things that they don’t want or like to do. I prodded her a little, asking how did she know this and some of the things a princess had to do. She said she had been a princess and didn’t like it. She said that she had to make the people unhappy. I asked her what she looked like and she said she looked like a friend of hers who was part Japanese and Caucasian. She then said princesses died young and told me she didn’t want to die soon!

I assured her she would live a long happy life and to not be afraid, in fact to just focus on what makes her happy. I then asked her what she was here to do. She said she was here to have fun and not be too serious. She loves having fun and does not like a lot of structure. She uses her imagination a lot and will keep me up nights in the summer with her original stories and bright ideas. Her stories are always full of fun and mayhem. Now even at seven years of age she tells me her favorite class is recess.

One of her purposes in life is to show others that life doesn’t have to be serious and to say “Oh, so what, let’s try anyway.” I have overheard her many times tell her mom and dad that they are way too serious. There are times when I have to agree with her!

With very little negative outside influences and support through a lot of love and understanding from their family, children develop their zest for life, feeling free to explore and express what they think, how they feel and what makes them feel alive. They are naturally drawn to things that make them happy. When you listen to their conversations, you can tell who came down to be a diplomat, an artist, a comedian, a leader, an athlete, a fun loving story teller and a teacher.

How do you tap into what you came down here in the physical to do? Remember what made you happy, full of joy and/or content when you were four years old or younger. Go into a deep breathing meditation. Deep breathing will significantly move your diaphragm up and down and massage your Security Chakra and activate it. Next surround yourself with gold light. Breathe in and out drawing in the gold light into your entire stomach area; you will become more relaxed and open. Now drift back in time to when you were young and observe the first “hit” you get of when you were happy, joyful, whole and content. Stay in that space for a while just feeling how great you felt. What were you doing? Who was with you? How did you feel? Give yourself about ten to twenty minutes to be in this meditation.

If it is a challenge to do this type of meditation, then so something active like walk, run, or bike with the intention of finding out what you liked doing as a child. Generally people will get a flash of a memory that turns into one full of details. Another suggestion is to ask the people who were around you a lot what you liked to do as a youngster. Their answers can trigger positive memories of your happiness and expressiveness.

Write or record your findings and then ask yourself are you doing any of these things now. You may be doing all, some or none of them. Just be aware and present to how you feel and what gets inspired for you. Then decide to go into action and start doing some of these things. You could have liked drawing, talking to people, writing, reading mysteries, sitting and playing with the grass communing with nature. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just begin doing it and watch your energy start to rise as you feel more connected to yourself, Spirit and at one with one or more of your purposes for being here.

This first little step can be the beginning of a walk, jog or sprint to you achieving happiness, wholeness, and purposefulness, even if your purpose is as simple as having fun and laughing all day long!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright