Reincarnation – At Play In The Fields of Creation

I love the idea of incarnating lifetime after lifetime. It means I get to play around with different ideas and concepts about life. I imagine one of my lifetimes as an atheist strongly believing there is no God or Higher Being in existence. My philosophy would be that I am in control of everything, the universe was created with a big bang, and there is no after life. Just imagine how I’d feel once I died thinking I’m in for the Big Sleep and instead I’m meeting some of my guides who are asking me what I learned from that life. I might say something like “Oh, $@#*! I got that one wrong!”

Next lifetime, thinking I got a handle on what life is about, I am a devout Catholic priest on the road to being a Pope. I would warn the masses about heaven and hell. How Jesus died for our sins. Why we must be obedient and confess our sins every chance we get in order to enter the gates of heaven. I’d be celibate, and abstain from all worldly pleasures. I would make everyone feel guilty for anything they do that isn’t an example of worshipping the Lord. Once I get back to the spiritual realms I’d meet my guides again and I might say something like, “What the %$#@? You mean I could have enjoyed Sister Anne and gone down to the bar and thrown back a few?”

In my next incarnation, I am an Egyptian Queen, mostly to make up for that life of complete denial of physical pleasure! I can experience making everyone honor me as a goddess. I’d have massive buildings built in my honor, declare that heaven is here on Earth and I am the Alpha and Omega. I’d live grandly, only thinking about my pleasure and playing with men’s hearts; I’m a goddess for heaven’s sake! Once I’d left and met my guides, I’d also be meeting with the hundreds of people I took with me on my trip to the afterlife because a goddess needs her enterouge.

I imagine I’d say something like, “So, I am a goddess! But @$%*&^?*@!, I forgot you all are gods and goddesses too! Please don’t haunt me the next time I’m back on Earth.”

So, I decide to be a sheep herder in Africa who worships the earth. My life is simple and peaceful. I’m herding sheep and feel a deep connection to the earth. I speak to the birds, trees, wind and water. My God/Goddess is nature. The only otherworldly experience I have is my constant encounters with angry spirits (must be from the Egyptian lifetime). I burn sacred flowers and create nightly rituals to protect my home and my person. The people in my tribe think I am crazy because of my communion with the nature gods and goddesses and my fights with the angry spirits. Eventually, I am labeled as a crazy old man and am killed for practicing magic. Meeting my guides, I might say something like, “^%#$*&@ and &^$%$(*&@^*! I thought you said if I had a simple life, things would be fine!!”

In my next life I am a high priestess. I have the ability to channel information from the outer reaches of the universe. I know I am Spirit manifested in the physical. I know my abilities, gifts and talents. I travel all over the planet teaching others to heal and channel information from the cosmos. I communicate telepathically, bend time and space, levitate and fly. I see the planet as a place to create all that is wonderful, beautiful and exciting. There is only freedom. As I get older, I witness the world changing; freedom is slowly being taken away by those who want to control the world. People begin to doubt their connection to the universe and are being told to believe in what they see, feel, hear, taste and smell. They do not see themselves as Spirit anymore. I decide to leave because these shifts and changes are experiences I decide I don’t want or need to complete my understanding of life. I meet my guides and say, ”Finally, I understand! I can create anything I want. I don’t have to experience negativity and pain.”

My next incarnation is as an artist. I paint all of my past life experiences showing everyone how I became the person I am at this moment. I show how I limited my ways of thinking, my disconnection from anything spiritual, my beliefs in suffering, my experiment with ego, and my superstitious past. I gladly embrace all of these experiences as moments of “playing in the fields of creation.” Every lifetime was a significant moment in which I learned exactly what I needed. I have come to the realization that all that I am is Spirit.

Whew! It’s about time. I was about to go to The Creator, give Her an earful of @#^#%*&@%#*&, become a mini god or goddess on some remote island in the South Pacific and be done with the whole incarnating thing for a while!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

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