Radical Letting Go

I’ve written several articles about “Letting Go” from different angles. Each time I cycle the concept through my mind, I get a new understanding about it — so I write something more. I am convinced that “Letting Go” is one of the core (and therefore critical) processes to making Spiritual progress.

In fact, I think it is essential to making progress of any kind — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relationships, prosperity, etc.

When I talk about it to someone, the question they inevitably pose is, “How can you make progress if you aren’t planning and measuring with goals?” To most people the idea of Letting Go conjures up images of someone who is aimless, without ambition, perhaps even a homeless person. They think that one is guided and motivated by ambition and goals. They want to see plans with step-by-step actions to be taken to reach those goals.

I know this because I have spent most of my life planning. I love plans and maps and outlines and all of the tools that seem to provide framework and structure to life. I’m a double Virgo with Capricorn Rising. Planning is in my DNA.

And yet, my intuition tells me that Letting Go is essential to real progress. Without Letting Go, we are just on an ever expanding wheel that creates more of the same. More of the same health issues, more of the same money issues, more of the same relationship issues. Most people go on a diet and lose weight, only to gain it back. Many people consolidate their debts to get it under control, only to have more serious debt a year later. And of course you or someone you know keeps getting into bad relationships with the same overriding theme over and over again.

That’s because we are all addressing the symptoms, the “physical evidence” of the problems without letting go of the causes. If we keep hanging on to the causes of our problems, then we will perpetuate the problems. And we will instill them in our kids and our communities.

So what is it that I am advocating we all let go? Our beliefs and expectations, especially the limiting ones. We tend to believe in limited possibilities and we tend to expect others to make us happy. Neither is true. Possibilities are unlimited and our happiness cannot be dependent on another’s actions. (We can pretend it is, but in the end, our happiness is always self-generated.)

If I believe that money is hard to get, or that money only comes from a fixed set of sources (such as work, investments, lottery, inheritance), then I am closing off the opportunities for it to come from elsewhere. That limiting belief would exclude money coming from other unexpected sources. It would not be open to allowing it because it would be “impossible” in my reality for money to come from other than my pre-defined sources.

If I believe that because I inherited a genetic disorder that it is not curable or changeable, then it is not. Scientists, such as Bruce Lipton and others, have carefully explained how gene mutations are not permanent. A defective gene can produce a perfectly healthy version of itself next time it replicates and a healthy gene can produce a mutated version of itself the next time it replicates.

The critical component is consciousness. For the first 35 years of my life, I had no symptoms. Others in my family did. Eventually, at age 40 I was diagnosed with the genetic disorder. If I keep believing what I was told by doctors and others when this “disease” was discovered in my family, then I will keep replicating the defective versions of the genes. But, if I let go of the expectations that the doctors instilled in me, I can encourage my genes to replicate healthy versions. So, it is possible to overcome if I let go of believing it is not possible.

If I carry a set of negative, limiting beliefs about relationships and trust, I will manifest those issues in relationships. Then I can use past relationships where I could not trust the other persons as examples to prove my thesis correct. Because I am pointing to past experiences as examples of “how things are,” I will continue to generate more of those kinds of relationships and have more proof that my beliefs about relationships are correct. To end this cycle, I need to let go. I need to let go of those beliefs, because they are limiting my possibilities.

At this point in my life, I want to aim for the stars! I am ready for unlimited prosperity, perfect health and satisfying relationships. I hope you are, too!

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young