Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask – Part 2

What do we want most out of life? Quite simply, we want to be happy. We want to smile, giggle, laugh, joke, grin and enjoy life every chance we can get. So why do we make the simplest things we want in our lives the hardest to get?

I believe it is because we are co-dependent on fear, struggle, and conflict. We seem to fill our lives these energies. Where did this co-dependency begin?  Fear, struggle and conflict can be found in most of our fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Snow White, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and Little Red Riding Hood are just a few examples of stories that depict these energies. We were taught at an early age that happy, joyful and love are not easy to come by; there is always some negative experience to overcome in order to earn the right to be happy.

What happened along the way in history to the idea of introducing children to the glory and wonder of life? This physical existence can be a wonderful experience if we allow positive thinking and truth to prevail. Let’s just imagine only infinite expressions of love, happiness and joy going on all at once on Earth. Would there be war, jealousy, limitation, worry, and violence being depicted in all areas of our life (television, movies, music and daily life)? What kind of world would this be?

Your thoughts, emotions, and actions attract exactly what they are sending out into the universe.

I’m going to dream for the next few minutes. I wake up with and decide I’m going to take an around the world trip today. I get ready and with a thought I’m standing at the bottom of the Great Pyramid. It’s fantastic! I telepathically contact my friends and tell them to meet me at the pyramid’s entrance. We decide on the mysteries we’d like to have answered today ask permission to enter and we begin our journey. Although it seems like days we are in the various chambers of the pyramid, only a minute has gone by because time and space has no influence over my existence.

My next destination is to Afghanistan. There are many spiritual portals here and my friends and I decide to go exploring. My other destinations are Peru, Guatemala, Ireland, Morocco, and Spain. I perform rituals, enter the lost forgotten tunnels, meditate, laugh, learn and understand. At the end of the day I fall asleep in an ancient Spanish temple and journey to the far reaches of the universe. The next day I have a whole new adventure ahead of me and can continue my journey or decide to swim with the dolphins in the Indian Ocean.

That’s my happy dream full of love, light, and joy– to explore the mysteries of the world in a space of acceptance, freedom, and peace. I realize I can achieve this dream now. All I have to do is stay energetically full of light and love, know my power of manifestation is all I need, trust myself and see me the happiest I have ever been living this dream. I know I will be living my dream before I know it.

What’s your dream? Whatever it is, surround it with feelings of joy, love, relaxation, peace, purpose, laughter and any other energies that lift you up and take you to your dream.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright