Destiny Chakra

The Destiny Chakra is the sixth of eight chakras located in the Solar Plexus Region of the body. It is located in the lower portion of the right lung and its color vibrations are blue and gold. The lungs are connected to Spirit through the process of respiration or breathing Spirit in. (Notice the word SPIRAT in respiration. When we expire we breathe our last breath – Spirit- out). The vibration of blue represents truth and gold represents confidence. Together they vibrate to, “Be confident and trust yourself!”

The gemstones that will heal and balance this chakra are pearls and clear citrines. The positive energies to activate this chakra are: listening (to your inner voice); love, joy, love of women (femininity) and purpose. The Destiny Chakra’s Spiritual Symbol is Heart as in center and extended as the highest expression of love. What is the highest expression of love? It is your ability to do, live and express your heart’s desire.

In the planning stages, before our life begins, we decide which gifts we want to use, challenges we need, and other souls we want to connect with who will help us develop and meet our goals. How does free will figure into our lives if we plan everything in advance? What is control and how is it used throughout our lives? Is our life a physical or spiritual phenomenon? How much of our lives is driven by destiny? How much by will?

Destiny is the idea of achieving greatness with complete trust, awareness, joy, love and acceptance. This is more of an eastern philosophy to allow Spirit to work through you and guide your every decision. It is more about surrendering to your inner voice no matter how crazy those ideas may seem at the time. Your destiny can mean you become a wonderful mother, a master yogi, a top chef, a compassionate counselor, a inspirational teacher, or a trustworthy friend. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you love it and get as much joy as possible out of whatever you are destined to become.

I remember being told by an astrologer in 1996 that according to my astrological chart I was here to be a spiritual healer and teacher. At the time I had no idea of what she was talking about. I’d just earned my master’s degree in finance and was heading to Wall Street. I told her, “No, I’m here to work on Wall Street and I’d like to know what to do about getting there.” She looked back at my chart for about five minutes which seemed like an hour, slowly glanced up at me and said, “Dear, you are here to heal and teach others…there is no escaping this.”

You see she was telling me that this was my destiny period end of story. Well. I ignored her message and went about the business of finding a wonderful position in corporate finance, bond financing and/or venture capital. I was flying to New York and San Francisco at least twice a month for two years interviewing with big and small companies for entry level positions. For two years, I got the same message from my interviewers: “We really like you and Mr./Ms. So and So was really impressed by your knowledge, presence and ability to be focused under pressure. BUT…”

I was not supposed to work with the big financial firms. You see it was not my destiny. Although my will kicked in and I was going to force my way onto the Street no matter how long it took, it was not “written” that this would happen. So after two years of trying to work on Wall Street, I decided to stop and apply for a part-time teaching position at local universities. I guess I needed a time-out.

I was practically handed a part-time position at two universities. I paused and took note of how easy and effortless it was to get a teaching position. I realized that whatever you are meant to do in this life, it will happen as easily and effortlessly as possible. I had other little “ah ha” moments over the next short two years. I learned to put more and more faith into what I was being led to do intuitively and not what was expected of me from my ego.

I’ll fast forward and make this long story short. In alignment with my destiny, I eventually became an energy “healer” and have been teaching classes in spirituality for the past six years. Why do I know it is my destiny? Because I love what I do and wake up every day with no expectations besides one: I’m going to have a wonderfully fulfilling day. This is love expressing itself in all of its power and magnificence through me.

Find your destiny and live it!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright