Be The Wild Women and Goddesses of Legend

Today, I had a conversation with a client of mine, whom I will call “Karen,” about bringing more of her desires of happiness, peace, accomplishment, serenity and reverence into fruition. For the past several years it’s been a challenge for her to manifest what she wants to experience. Karen works in dead end jobs she describes as snake pits, lives in an area of her city that is unsafe, and attracts people who seem to be unsupportive and unreliable. I asked her why she thought she was creating these challenges in her life.

Karen said she didn’t know why. All she knows is that it was a lot easier for her to create a wonderful life when she was in her twenties and thirties. She traveled the world, owned a motorcycle, truck and car, had a wonderful loving relationship with a man who she describes as her other half, and felt she could conquer any challenge put in front of her. She felt unstoppable, happy, and alive.

I suggested she pick a quiet time during her day to go within and remember those wonderful times in her life; to relive those times as if she were watching a movie of her life as the heroine who sets the world on fire being happy, free, and open to being herself. By reliving all of these wonderful experiences, I told Karen she could magnetize all of the positive vibrations she has long forgotten back into her life, here and now.

She would relive riding her bike on Route 66 seeing the country and loving every minute of it. She would “revisit” her time in parts of northern Africa, sitting in stores drinking coffee or mint tea, talking about politics and family histories while haggling over shoes, scarves and trinkets being brought out to tempt her into buying memorabilia of her exotic adventure. She could remember her long lost love “James” and how he made her feel like Aphrodite, Venus, and Cleopatra with just a look, a smile, a touch, a kiss.

Karen saw she can be unstoppable, happy, alive, and Cleopatra again just by bringing her feelings forward to her conscious mind and being who she was (and inherently still is) now. For a few days she was hopeful and excited. She began making plans, updating her resume, and contacted some associations she thought would connect her to like-minded people.

But the more Karen looked back at her life and relived those wonderful moments, they became peppered with negative memories. She thought of the times when she didn’t make great decisions with her finances, she did not launch a career that would have eventually paid her what only 2% of the people in this country makes, of she and James being too afraid of being hurt and creating a situation where they were continents apart losing touch for many years, and a dozen other “why didn’t,” “why not,” and “where did the time go” statements.

The reason why Karen has not been able to move forward is because she dwells on the “what ifs” of her life and not the wonderful memories of what she’s experienced and accomplished. In fact when I first asked her about her accomplishments she said, “I haven’t accomplished anything.” It was only after many questions did I discover all the wonderful things she’s experienced in her life.

The trick to creating what I call your power energy field is to be at peace with any and every decision made and every action taken and those you will make and take today. Accept where your journey has taken you, the risks you took, the risks you didn’t take, the accomplishments, the missed opportunities, the loves you had, the loves you took for granted, and the loves you ignored and be at peace.

You would not be who you are now if you didn’t take those various paths on your journey. Love whom you are then and now. Think about where else on your journey you’d like to go and/or discover. Look in the mirror and love every line of experience, love the knowingness in your eyes, and love the wise smile that comes across your face as you remember the crazy and wild things you have done and probably contemplating doing.

For the other things you have done that you may not be happy or proud about, realize every person on this planet has done something similar. You are not the only one. Accept this, apologize to yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself even more than you did before. Then go and create how you want the rest of your journey to unfold.

Be the Wild Wise Women and Goddesses of Legend:

  • Be uncompromising in achieving happiness
  • Open and free in expressing who you are to the world
  • Strong enough to be vulnerable and intimate with close friends and your lover/partner/husband/mate
  • Confident, adventurous and daring in your travels and experiences – take that jewelry making class you always wanted to take, wear the red dress, go to Australia, start that consulting business
  • Anticipate victory in all of your endeavors
  • Always be comfortable and accepting of all that is you.
  • Accept nothing less from yourself and go live a wonderful life.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

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