Stillness Chakra

The Stillness Chakra is the third of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. Located just under the right rib cage, the color vibration for this chakra is blue (tranquility) and silver (Spiritual Essence). Its spiritual symbol is the 24th group of Gods called Elohim.

This chakra represents our ability to achieve stillness and peace within as we learn and experience as much as possible about our Selves, purpose, and spirituality. As we have each wonderful and challenging experience, at some point along our journey we have to slow down and rest so that we may evaluate ourselves, integrate any knowledge gained, and then determine the next experience needed for our growth and development.

“Jessica” has taken many classes and read a number of books on spirituality, meditation and alternative healing techniques. Her library of books is probably the biggest I have seen anywhere. She takes a lot of pride in knowing a lot about many different things. Although her knowledge is vast and she is a good healer, Jessica seems to be in a constant state of confusion, frustration, panic and pain. She seems to keep repeating patterns of limitation and self-destruction and says that she feels like she’s living the movie, “Groundhog Day.” Her conversations quite frequently begin with her giving a laundry list of everything that is wrong with her and her life. She recognizes her patterns, applies what she has read or garnered from many different books, but feels as if nothing works.

Jessica is always on the go like the Energizer Bunny. She speaks fast and has a challenging time listening to others. Each new experience she has is more challenging than the previous one; she has not learned how to stop, evaluate, integrate and move onto her next set of learning experiences.

When we first met she wanted to work on why there was little order in her life. Her past life patterns included energies of brain damage (inability to assimilate and integrate knowledge), limitation, self-destruction, disorder, and lack. Her High Self cleared these as well as a pattern of making her experiences harder than they need to be, as if this was the only way she can learn her life lessons. I had an image of her climbing the steepest mountain that was made of razor sharp rocks. It is as if she feels, on a higher level, that she has to show the universe that she’s really learning her lessons. We also cleared patterns that block Jessica to be in the flow of support, peace, happiness, health, gratitude, grace, and wholeness.

To achieve peace and stillness, her High Self suggested that she listen to dolphin music. Dolphins are one of three animals on this planet that are of higher consciousness. Their calls are very soothing and healing. She was also guided to go to a swimming pool and float on her back with her eyes closed thirty minutes a day, three days a week. The water is supportive, soothing and represents creativity, which will allow Jessica to begin to subconsciously integrate her emotions and experiences. Jessica was also instructed to do deep breathing exercises in the morning after she woke up and at night when she went to bed to calm and settle her energy. All of these exercises bring in or create a state of stillness, something that Jessica has not experienced most of her adult life.

It took Jessica several months to fully follow her High Self’s advice; she was still operating in crisis mode although her crises were becoming less frequent. After her mind settled down and she was able to be still, Jessica was instructed to not read any books on the subject of peace, stillness and spirituality for three months. Instead she was to find her own definition and expression of these words and states of being.

It was time for her to learn how to integrate her experiences into her subconscious and super subconscious minds and more effectively into her life. She was ready to go through the process of asking herself, “What does life mean to me? What/Who is Spirit? Who am I? Why do I allow myself to be hurt, limited, and frustrated? How can I consciously change this pattern now?” These questions can only be answered and any self-analysis can only occur in a state of peace, stillness and observation. Rest and integration is a necessary step in the process of learning our life lessons and creating new avenues for deeper educational experiences.

Jessica is still learning how to slow down and center herself. At times she will revert to her old patterns of getting caught up in the noise of her life but the noise is much less frequent and she pulls herself out immediately when she recognizes what’s going on. She feels grounded and understands herself better now than she has most of her life. Jessica now accepts happiness, creativity, peace and purpose easily into her life.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright