Perkl-Light Review

The Perkl-Light is a small light-weight device that puts out energy via light settings. The clear light-emitter that sits on top of the machine changes colors with the frequencies. David Thomas, co-inventor of the Perkl-Light, says that it is NOT a color therapy device. Instead, he says it is a subtle energy device that can reorganize energy in the bioenergetic field and put energy into the bioenergy field. He says it is more similar to acupuncture than to other machines you might have seen.

I became interested in the Perkl-Light as a tool to balance energy because I believe that healing, releasing stress, etc., are all byproducts of being truly balanced. Like everyone, I get out of balance and would like a tool to help me more easily achieve balance. Intention is a critical component.

What comes in the box:

  • The Perkl-Light
  • The Emitter
  • Power Cord
  • Instructions (on 8.5 x 11 paper)
  • 3 DVDs — an Introduction DVD and a Training DVD plus an extra Introduction DVD to share with a friend.

The first time I used the Perkl-Light, I had expected to feel nothing or at most, a very subtle energy. I thought it might take me awhile to attune to it or to feel the subtle energies. I was quite surprised to find that within a minute, I began to feel this sense of well-being, much like I feel when I am going into trance to channel.

I was sitting comfortably on my couch with the Perkl-Light sitting on the glass coffee table in front of me. The literature says it puts out the energy about 12 feet in all directions. I was less than three feet away. (I noticed in the videos that the person who is being treated either holds it or the practitioner holds it or places it very close to the person being treated.)

I ran it on the Frequency Clearing [auto] setting. I really resonated to that mode. No cares, no worries, just a smooth energy that feels like I am connected to all that is. I LIKE being in that state.

I have continued to use the Perkl-Light on the Frequency Clearing [auto] setting, as I discovered it helps me with congestion from allergies — an issue I wanted to try it on. Now, I usually run it three-times in succession before I go to bed at night. It seems to help with un-stressing for the night and I have noticed my sinus congestion is reduced, so I sleep better.

When I used the Manual Mode, I found it difficult to turn the knobs with precision. The knobs are small and have 256 settings per knob on the red, green and blue buttons. However, I must state that the greater part of that difficulty is because I am dealing with a neuromuscular condition that renders my fine-motor-control almost non-existent. I have to adjust each button using two fingers — one from each hand and I cannot do it with eyes closed. (It would be nice if there was a version for people like me with up and down buttons, like on a digital tuner.)

When I put it on the Organ [auto] setting, I felt this one too, but it was more subtle. I am still experimenting daily with various settings and intentions. I would like to balance the energy around the neuromuscular issue I am dealing with.

There are Eight Alternative Health Care Modalities.

Acupuncture Meridians
Body Systems
Frequency Clearing
Acupuncture Elements
In each of these modalities, there is an auto mode in which it automatically cycles through each frequency within that modality. For instance, in Chakra mode, it goes from first chakra through seventh chakra in about 5 minutes. (On the introductory video, David Thomas explains that the chakra colors may not match what you are accustomed to being the traditional chakra colors because it is actually changing colors 130 times per second. The colors you see are the colors that your eye “averages” from the 130 changes per second.)

In each of these modes you can set it to an individual setting within that mode. If you want to address the third chakra, you set the far right button on Chakra Mode and then turn the far left dial until third chakra is displayed. Once it is on that setting, it will continue until you disrupt it. You can run it for a few seconds or a few hours in that one mode.

Machine Clearing Mode
I found the Machine Clearing Mode to be very powerful, as stated in the documentation. It cycles through bright strong colors as it emits the energy. It also runs until you disrupt it, so you can use it for a few seconds or a few hours. I used it in Machine Clearing Mode to clear crystals and jewelry. I also used it to clear a couple of rooms. I sat it in the center of each room and left it for a couple of hours. I could definitely tell a difference when it was done!

Manual Mode
In Manual Mode, you adjust the three color knobs (red, blue, green) to set the energy frequencies so they match your intentions for energy work. Each knob has 256 settings (0 – 255). There are over 16 million possible settings in manual mode. (256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216.)

There are some recommended techniques for determining your settings:

Muscle Testing for various settings.

Scanning Mode — To use the Scanning Mode, you focus your attention on an issue you want to work on. with your attention focused, you s-l-o-w-l-y turn the red color knob until you feel a change or movement of that issue. Then you do the same with the green knob and lastly the blue knob. You should end up with a setting that helps to energetically correct the imbalance that causes the issue.

Blink Technique — You have to look at the bottom of your Perkl-Light for the Blink Settings. Program those in using Manual mode then sit with it on the Blink setting for five minutes so your being becomes resonant to the machine. Then you use your own blink as a sort of modified muscle test for settings. You turn knobs until you feel a blink.

Your Intuition may tell you where energy is blocked or out-of-balance and guide you to particular settings.

Using Perkl-Light with EFT
I like using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear issues, so it occurred to me that I could use EFT in conjunction with the Perkl-Light to clear issues. I tried it with all Eight Alternative Health Care Modalities and Machine Clearing Mode. It works well in almost any of the modes (my energy is currently partial to Frequency Clearing Mode.) EFT works GREAT with Machine Clearing Mode! It was much easier for me to tap away issues and release the emotion around them using Machine Clearing Mode.

Imprinting Water
If you saw “What the Bleep Do We Know” or read any of Dr. Emoto’s books on the messages in water, you know that water can be imprinted with energy. Set your intent for what you want to imprint the water with, choose your manual settings, put your bottle of water on top of the Perkl-Light and in about 15 to 60 seconds, it is imprinted.

To get a visual impression of the device, you can watch a 7-minute video at the Perkl-Light website. (

After using the Perkl-Light for a few weeks, I can say I have found definite benefit. My sleep is improved, I can release stress more easily, my congestion from allergies is minimized, and I am enjoying experimenting with it. With over 16.7 million possible combinations of settings in manual mode plus all of the other modes, the possibilities seem endless. I am continuing to find new uses as I set new intentions.

The Perkl-Light is small and very portable. You can travel with it and use it on Machine Clearing Mode to clean a hotel room or meeting room. And, of course you can use it to balance your energies and those of your clients.

Features that I believe would improve it:

On-off Switch
Right now you have to plug and unplug it.

Repeat Button
I would like to be able to tell it to run through the Frequency Clearing Mode on Auto three times before it turns off, so I can just relax and let it run three times.

If you want to repeat a setting in the current version, you either use the far left button (Item Select Knob, aka the red knob) to move off of the mode and then move back on it or you unplug it and plug it back in.

Manual Presets
Ability to store 10 or more manual settings after you have found them so you can reuse them quickly. Obviously, after using certain settings, you may need different settings, so the ability to change and store new settings would be great.

Program Presets
I would like to be able to create a program and store it for uninterrupted use. Let’s say I have done the muscle testing or blink technique and want to use Machine Clearing Mode for 3 minutes, followed by a cycle of Frequency Clearing [auto] mode, then Chakra Mode [Fourth Chakra] for 4 minutes, followed by another cycle of Frequency Clearing [auto] mode, followed by Acupuncture Meridian mode [Liver] for 3 minutes then [Lung] for 3 minutes, followed by another cycle of Frequency Clearing [auto] mode, followed by Body System Mode [Neurologic] for 5 minutes.

If I could pre-program that routine into the Perkl-Light, I could just sit or lie down and hold my intention while monitoring how I feel, rather than having to stop every 3 to 5 minutes and change settings.

This would also be useful for practitioners who are treating people, as they recommend you leave the room while it is treating someone else so that you do not end up hosting the negative energies they may release in the process.

The included DVDs are very informative. Like most people, I began to use the Perkl-Light before watching the DVDs, though I did read the instructions to get a basic understanding of the machine. I wanted to get right on it. After I had been using it a week or so, I watched the DVDs. They filled in information and answered questions I had that arose from using it.


Rating: 4-1/2 Stars (out of 5)
Product: Perkl-Light Energy Spa™
Price: $497.00 USD

Manufacturer: Star Energetics, LLC
Phone: 1-877-737-5548
International Phone: 303-684-9810
Skype: david.thomas95

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