Own It and Get Over It

It has been cool, cloudy and rainy where I live for a few days. It became suddenly dreary, dropping from the 80s and 90s every day for months to the 40s and low 50s. The sudden cool and the cloudiness for days has made it feel downright gloomy. We have sunshine here about 350 days a year here, so 3 days in a row of cloudiness is extremely rare.

I’ve always found the onset of cold cloudy weather to be a big energetic shift. Gardens begin to die off, trees lose their leaves, everything goes dormant — a long Winter slumber ahead. I spent many years in places where Winters are not cold, so I still have not adjusted to this. Sometimes it feels lonely without blooming flowers and lush gardens to prove that there is still vibrant life out there.

I found myself feeling sad the past couple of days and I’m dealing with it differently than I might have in the past. I had visitors in town for my birthday. They left the day it turned cool. Now, without people to distract me, I am more aware of my aloneness, magnified by the cool dreary weather.

The reason I’m writing this is because my current understanding is that I can own my feelings — and then get over it.

In the past, I might have felt guilty or deficient for feeling down because I believe thoughts are things. Thoughts create reality. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. So I would feel like I was doing harm by acknowledging that I was feeling lousy. I felt obligated to find the positive side of things and express that, no matter how discouraged or unhappy I was.

I still believe that what we think about with emotion is what we bring about into reality. But my current understanding is that trying to repress negative thoughts only gives them more power.

Instead, I can look at my negative thoughts and feelings as teachers. They show me that I am not in the Primary Field where I feel connected to all that is. They show me how much I don’t like feeling like this. They show me that I prefer how I feel when I am in the Primary Field and knowing that I am pure Source itself. When I am in the Primary Field, I connect with the energy that creates worlds. In the Primary Field, all things are possible and it is much easier to manifest one’s desires.

In order to really get in the Primary Field I need to acknowledge how I feel. (“I feel sad and lonely in the cold cloudy lifeless weather. It feels like I’ll never feel happy again.”) And then I need to release it. If I don’t release the feelings, I’ll either live in the sadness for awhile or repress them, pretending that I don’t feel that way. If I repress them, they’ll be lurking under the surface, like a low-grade fever. They will create a vague uneasiness that will keep me out of the Primary Field. So, by acknowledging and releasing the emotions, I am setting them free. They don’t need to hang around undetected to ambush me.

Two methods I really like for releasing issues are The Sedona Method and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I know there are lots more, but I really like those two.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young