"I Am" Chakra

The I Am Chakra is the second of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. It is located in the stomach and has the color vibration of yellow and violet. Yellow represents the will to shine and violet represents Spirit; the two together vibrates our willingness to shine as an expression of Spirit. Its spiritual symbol is the crescent moon – new beginnings, new creations, and new expressions of possibilities. This chakra helps you to accept yourself as an expression of infinite possibilities. We can be anything we want to be, experience everything positive that can be experienced, and create wonderful lives that unabashedly show the world who we are and how we think. We just have to be willing to accept the creative power of “I Am.”

“Francis” is an organic farmer and master manifestor. He can manifest anything he wants at any given moment. He can manifest money to make changes and repairs to his farm, more than enough workers to help him when he needs it, books he has heard about literally within days of becoming aware of them (he lives in a very small community in Wisconsin so this really is a feat), the free use of machinery to help with the operation of his farm, the energy to work two days straight (he’s 60 years old) and still have time to help others, and a consistent flow of shareholders to whom he can sell his produce.

Francis can also manifest enemies almost immediately, bills that exceed all of his earnings, conflict with family members and people in his community, unusual storms that only severely hit his farm and leave others untouched, and at least three health issues a week, most of them in the stomach and intestinal region. Why and how does Francis create so many extreme circumstances in his life? ‘I Am’ works powerfully in his life. Francis in one breath will say, “I am feeling great about my crop and I am scared about the market. I am changing the world and yet I am helpless. I am a loving father and I am feeling abandoned by my children.” Francis sees the metaphorical glass as full and empty at the same time.

He works at cross purposes with his manifestations by always expecting negative outcomes to go along with the positive ones. We first worked on past life patterns, beliefs and perceptions blocking his self-preservation, tolerance, freedom, love of self, prosperity, and comfort with his life going smoothly at all times. He had quite a number of past lives in which the rug was pulled from underneath him; this explains why he has made it challenging for himself to stay positive about his great accomplishments.

Francis also has a number of stomach, intestinal, middle, and lower back challenges. His body states, “I cannot stomach the idea of being successful,” “I cannot digest my life experiences easily and completely,” and “Life is such an overwhelming burden.” In past lives, he was tortured, poisoned and crucified for being an accomplished healer, wealthy land owner, and successful merchant. We cleared energies of anxiety, despair, guilt, fear, unworthiness, self-destruction, self-limitation, self-sabotage, ego and spiritual suicide (the belief that the soul has killed itself by rejecting Spirit) vibrating in his energy field and physical body.

Because Francis is a master manifestor and in his head a lot, his High Self decided that he needed a number of affirmations and positive statements to keep him consciously and unconsciously focused only on the positive. Here are just a few of the ones that Francis was to say throughout the day: I am supported by men, women and the universe; It is my divine right to be prosperous and healthy; I am free to experience only positive outcomes; I love myself; I am a vital part of the whole; Everyone loves me and shows me in many different ways; Abundance is everywhere; The universal faucet of happiness and joy is running full blast for me; I am secure; and I am one with Spirit.

Francis was also guided to carry a citrine gemstone for creativity and an amethyst for spiritual clarity. Deep breathing exercises were also recommended in order to gently move the diaphragm and massage his inner organs. Breath is Spirit so when we breathe, we constantly bring in the essence of Spirit into our bodies. Finally, Francis was guided to meditate at night to quiet his mind to create serenity and a sense of peace at the end of a challenging day.

Francis has gotten a lot better with manifesting more positive outcomes than negative ones. He is embracing himself as someone who is worthy of greatness and who has a lot to offer the world. The frequency of physical imbalances has lessened as well. He is continually letting go of the many negative statements that he has used to define himself and his life. He is thinking of writing a book about nutrition, a subject he really knows a lot about. He has accepted another one of his purposes in life! As we continue to work, he is becoming more open to seeing himself as Spirit and the master designer of his life. He says more and more now, “I Am Happy and Life Is Great!”

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright