Freedom Chakra

The Freedom Chakra is the fourth of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region. It represents our free will to choose how we want to live every aspect of our life. When we were created by Spirit as Spirit, we were given power, dominion, and free will. Therefore, we are free to live a life of happiness or to live a life of misery. We are free to be abundant or to be impoverished. We are free to be at peace with the world or to be at war with everyone. We give ourselves the choice to be free or to be limited. The colors of this chakra are indigo and gold, two of the highest color vibrations on our planet and, combined, represent Spirit in free expression.

The Freedom Chakra’s spiritual symbol is the Spiritual Realms. According to Robert Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Theory, “The Spiritual Realms are also called the Garden of Eden and are where all souls had their first level of existence and education.” So the Spiritual Realms represent our knowledge of ourselves and our abilities to create anything and everything we want to experience in the universe.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of the word free.  There are many definitions of ‘free’ in written and electronic dictionaries and I think only one serves its purpose when we speak of our collective physical states of being. According to Webster’s Dictionary, Free means “not under the control of some other person or arbitrary power.” In our everyday world, this definition is accepted and mostly applied to our non-acceptance of slavery and/or any kind of emotional, mental, and physical imprisonment.

But what is the spiritual definition of the state of being free or freedom?

I believe the spiritual definition of freedom is the power of choice and acceptance. We have the power to choose to be a positive or negative force of nature and whatever the choice, we, others and the universe must accept it with love and compassion. For instance, if a person chooses to have a life of conflict, we must accept their choice with love and compassion. Why? Because on some level he/she wants this experience to learn, grow and expand his/her understanding of life. When we and the universe accept his/her choice, we are actually giving the person the positive support they need to learn their lessons as quickly and effectively as possible.

Everyone is free to live the life they choose therefore everyone must accept each others’ choices. So, I choose to be happy, joyful and grateful every day of my life; I know everyone and the universe accepts my choice. I know I am supported and have an unwavering confidence that I will attract experiences that support my choice.

How do we continuously make positive choices?

1. Release fear of failure, abandonment, rejection and the proverbial other shoe dropping by saying, “I am successful, accepted and fully loved and supported by the Universe.”

2. Know – really know – that it is your Divine Right to attract everything wonderful into your life. You don’t have to prove to anyone or the universe that you are “good enough.” You are “great enough, fantastic enough, and wonderful enough” to have what you want that is for your highest good.

3. Remember a time when you achieved something wonderful that you didn’t think was possible: catching a fly ball; winning a spelling bee; getting promoted; graduating; and/or buying something you really wanted that made your heart sing. Now take that memory and the energy of it and relive it; feel the moment, feel the happiness, feel the satisfaction and acceptance of your accomplishment for at least 10 minutes a day.

4. See yourself easily climbing a mountain. When you reach the top, see the whole world displayed below. The mountain represents “Knowledge of Self” and the climb is the process of you mastering your Self.

5. Visualize your High Self, Spirit, the Universe, Guardian Angels, and Soul Family sending you indigo and gold light from the far reaches of the universe and removing obstacles blocking you from embracing positive experiences.

6. Finally, when you see the positive results of one of your choices, use that energy to propel you forward in your next positive choice. This is like the snowball effect; you are creating positive momentum each time you make a choice to experience positive energies.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright