Are You a Teacher or Student or Both?

I received this channeling from my guidance on August 4, 1987 and I received some additional information to help explain in today’s terms in September 2009.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are thinking that you will have more impact on your world and your environment if you become involved with the public in some way. You want to teach or write or be an activist for a particular cause. You think this will make more impact on your world or universe than if you did NOT do these things. Rest assured that this is but an illusion created by physical existence.

What you do will always ripple through the universe in the form of energy waves and have great impact even if it is not apparent to you at the ego level or physical level. Your ego is soothed when you have the illusion of affecting many others because you want so much to make a difference. You always make a difference at levels far more profound than those you can see at the behavioral level. Do not become confused or drawn into the trap of watching for the outer signals in the physical in order to acknowledge the changes you have made. They are there even if you can’t see them.

You are all powerful. You have great impact. Even if you appear to do nothing. Every thought, every intention creates great energy ripples through reality.

In the physical realm, there is the illusion that the teacher is at a “higher” level than the student. This illusion allows one to feed the ego by teaching others. It is not necessary to become a teacher in order to have an affect on the consciousness of others. For you see, every time you experience personal growth, it raises your own vibratory level. And every time you raise your own level, it automatically raises the level of the whole, of which you are a part.

We are not saying that is not useful to become a teacher. For we know there is much to be learned when experiencing the role of teacher. We are just cautioning against a possibly limiting belief that you are only contributing if you teach. Of course we can see that your contributions to life as a whole are far greater than those which the physically based mind is capable of acknowledging.

Everything you do creates an energy shift. Everything you think and feel creates an energy shift. As you are constantly doing or thinking or feeling something you are constantly sending your energy forth into the world for it to impact those others. The impact may be felt by someone far away. Or it may be felt in such a way that the person does not consciously acknowledge you as the source of the energy. However, that does not lessen the impact. It only lessens the opportunity for the ego to be fed as a result of having someone share it with you.

All jobs you could possibly choose are equally valuable in how they impact the universe with your energy. The best way to choose what you want to do is to choose the activity about which you can become the most excited. If you do this, you will definitely be adding power to your energy as you send it out. For you see, it is much easier to add power when the activity is very exciting to you. If you are the most excited by painting or cooking or driving a bus, then that is what you should be doing. If, after some time your excitement for this activity diminishes and you find that you would much rather do another thing, then you should follow that path of excitement. Joseph Campbell said it well when he said, “Follow Your bliss.”

You have a little conflict because you live in a society which says you should pick an occupation and do it for as long as you are going to be a worker. However, that is not how the energy of excitement generally runs. It is just fine for you to choose an occupation which you may not want to do forever. As long as you want to do it now, then you are in the right job. As you grow and learn what was to be learned from the job, you will naturally seek something new that will contribute to your growth.

If you want to make the greatest impact for good in this life, then love yourself as you travel this life.

Copyright © 1987, 2009 by Victoria Young