Truth and Miracles – Mastering Time and Space

The third and final chakra in the Sacral Chakra region is called Truth – Mastering Time and Space. This chakra’s responsibility is to help you integrate the theory of time and space (physical realm idea) with the reality that there is no time and space (spiritual realm truth). Have you ever wondered what miracles are and how they are created? Miracles are moments when you reach outside of the physical perception of time into a dimension of spiritual timelessness and create exactly what you need.

You create your miracles! They can be big ones like finding money when you need it the most or small ones like finding your lost keys when you feel like you are in a rush. Through faith, positive intention, selflessness, light, love and the inner knowledge that you are Spirit and completely responsible for all of your creations, you can have anything that gives you the most positive value at any given moment.

The Truth Chakra is located in the left ovary in women and in the same physical area in men. Its color vibration is burnt orange, a combination of red and orange light vibration of foundation and creativity. Its spiritual symbol is a square. Has anyone ever heard the phrase, “Stand(ing) on your square (of truth)?”

How do we create our miracles and live our truth?

  1. First accept that you have control and power over everything around you. You are Spirit therefore you have the power to create what you want at any time. Say to yourself everyday: I am Spirit; I powerfully create harmonious and loving situations that give me the most positive value to fully control and enjoy my life here and now. To fully root this into your subconscious mind, write this affirmation fifteen times a day.
  2. Fully acknowledge that you attract every situation, challenge and event in your life. If a driver runs a red light and hits your car, you helped to cause the accident by attracting it. Look at the challenges in your life and find out: Why did you attract it? What were you suppose to learn? Did you learn it? What were you not paying attention to?
  3. Decide on some of the goals, aspirations, and things you want in your life and how you want to receive or manifest them. Write your list and see if they truly resonate with whom you are and how you want to express yourself in this life. Clarity is the key component in any manifestation exercise.
  4. Get a meditation CD; I personally like using a Native American drumming CD because it has the deep resonance of the earth and vibrates with the Sacral Chakra Region’s nature of creativity and purpose. Visualize yourself accomplishing each item on your list. At the end of your visualization, see yourself surrounded by a burnt orange light. This will give power and action to your visions.
  5. Use the symbol of the square to represent the spiritual foundation in which you build your life upon. Visualize yourself standing on each of the four corners representing: Love, Purpose, Courage and Selflessness.
  6. Release any doubts, beliefs, perceptions, guilt and judgments about achieving what you want to positively attract into your life – the miracles. You can do this by having energy work done by energy workers who can help dissolve these blocks and programming and by saying to yourself, “It is my Divine Right to be happy, healthy, joyful, secure, wealthy…” or any other positive emotion(s) that resonate(s) within you.
  7. Be happy, joyful and grateful for what you do have in your life now. Always acknowledge what you have accomplished and relish in your successes. Love your Self!
  8. Anticipate your miracle happening in any moment.

What causes us to not bring our miracles into fruition: ego; denying that you are Spirit or a Spiritual Being; complaining about your life and not doing anything to change it; cowardice and being directionless in your actions; living in fear; and denying yourself.

Here are some client examples of miracles. These clients all have been clearing past-life programs, meditating and using other forms of energetic practice for at least 5 years. One of the things they have all said when their miracle occurred was that they felt as if they were out of their body. Like another dimension of energy opened and they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had manifested exactly what they wanted. They felt electric, peaceful, happy, and “otherworldly.”

“Georgia” had her house on the market for a year and was very low on funds. Immediately after a session with me, she knew that the next person who saw her house would buy it. The next day a couple came by her house, loved it, and the deal closed in 30 days.

“Adam” was driving down a remote road and got into an accident, in which his car flipped over twice. He was injured, saw a house next to the road and in a trance walked to the house. The owner let him in, called the ambulance and took care of him until help came. After Adam was released from the hospital, he and his wife went back to the accident site to thank the woman who helped save his life; the house was not there. At the time of the accident, he “opened” a portal to another dimension to get the help he needed right away; that portal was now closed.

“Beth” was on a commercial flight heading home when one of the airplane engines stopped functioning. While the plane was descending, all the passengers and flight attendants started crying and hugging each other accepting their “fate.” Beth at that moment knew it was not her time to die and went into prayer and meditation visualizing the plane regaining its balance and safely landing. In ten minutes the plane regained its balance and made an emergency landing in a nearby city. Beth said it seemed as if everyone except her, the captain and co-captain seemed disappointed with the outcome. The three of them created their miracle through intention, prayer, and action.

“Samantha” was told by her doctor that with only one ovary and the excessive scar tissue around her uterus she could not get pregnant. However, she really wanted a child and knew she could despite what the doctor had told her. After meditation, energy clearing, chakra healing, and working on her intention, several years later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She said she knew she was pregnant at the moment of conception; she felt this outpouring of love and cried.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright