The Lightheartedness Chakra – How We Choose To Learn Our Lessons

The first of the three chakras vibrating in the Sacral Chakra Region is called the Lightheartedness Chakra also known as the Svadhistana Chakra in Sanskrit.  The color of this chakra is a bright orange and it is located in the lower back.   This chakra represents our ability to learn our life’s lessons in the spirit of love, laughter, enjoyment and acceptance.  Each soul chooses challenging lessons lifetime after lifetime.

One soul does not have it easier than another.  No one soul is given harder challenges than another.  Everything is about perspective, therefore, the difficulty one experiences in learning their lessons is determined by the approach one takes when undergoing life’s challenges.   Our journeys can be fraught with pain and disappointment or filled with laughter and wisdom.  Will you approach life with a sense of dread, resentment and hate or will you approach life with a sense of wonder, anticipation and love?  Will you choose to break your leg or stub your toe in order to reach your life goals?

“Josephine” had lost her way in the world.  In the last six years she had been working in positions that didn’t challenge her intellectually.  She lived in a city she didn’t like and felt that police officers and strangers harassed her everywhere she went.  Josephine had very few friends and the friends she did have she described as unsupportive, negative, and needy.  She felt as if no one cared or supported her.  She frequently asked what was going on.  Why was Spirit not assisting her in this life?  Why are these negative situations happening to her?  Why were people against her?  Because of these perceptions, judgments, and beliefs, she was frequently abrasive, short and demanding of others.   Josephine was clearly learning her life’s lessons in a very challenging and angry way.  Josephine has been experiencing the effects of menopause for the past several years; she has extremely uncomfortable hot flashes, sleep deprivation, and some joint pain.

I had several sessions with Josephine where we looked at why she was creating situations that made her feel uncomfortable and unsupported.  She had a number of lifetime patterns of intolerance, being forced to support others, limitation, anger and frustration.  Her soul was really angry about being a woman at this moment because she felt men found it easy to push her around.  Her High Self released these past life patterns as well as negative energies of negativity, hate of women, men and self, unforgiveness and toxic shame.  Soon after our sessions, Josephine began remembering how, as a youngster up to her mid thirties, she was able to create a lot of opportunities for herself with ease; life was a lot easier.

Josephine felt more empowered, caring and happy.  She decided to take Spiritual Response Therapy classes to learn more about how to release negative energies and create more positive opportunities in her life.  I had an opportunity to observe her in my classes; her energies would range from happy, caring and supportive to negative, intolerant and resentful.  Josephine would frequently become frustrated about not seeing positive changes immediately and not creating what she wanted here and now.  In truth, she made a lot of strides forward but didn’t and couldn’t acknowledge her own progress.  She wasn’t seeing the glass as half full.  Because changes were not happening as quickly as she wanted, Josephine decided to leave the country thinking that she could have a new start somewhere else, where no one knew her and she could create more positive experiences.

Kazakhstan proved to be a very challenging experience.  She didn’t speak the language, didn’t know a lot about the culture and was not used to the climate.  Josephine began encountering the same experiences she felt she had left behind in the US.  She felt people were not truthful, didn’t treat American women with respect, watched her every move and were not open and receptive.  None of the people she worked with reached out to befriend her.  Josephine was miserable.  She acknowledged that her situation was worse than before.  Her hot flashes intensified, she couldn’t sleep, and her joints, especially the knees, started to hurt again.  Josephine had the very same lesson however this time she chose a more challenging situation in which to really get it.  You might say she initiated Plan M.

A clear light to deep orange color is the healing and balancing vibration for this chakra.   In order to assist her in maintaining her positive energies, Josephine was guided to visualize a clear orange globe of energy filling her sacrum.  She was to do this visual meditation ten minutes a day, working her way up to twenty minutes.  She was also guided to visualize clear orange globes filling and surrounding her joints.  Josephine was also guided to breath in an essential oil, ylang ylang, to lighten her emotional field and stimulate creativity.  She was instructed to take a month to think about what made her happy earlier in her life, what she would like to see occur and, when she was absolutely clear in every detail, write it down, as if she were giving the universe an order that had to be filled…like a pizza order.

Josephine was also guided to meditate on one or more of these energies:  generosity; gentleness; caring; peace; supportiveness; and power.  She was to pick a time in her life when she felt one or more of these energies and sit in the memory experience for a minimum of ten minutes.  Her affirmations to say throughout the day are:  I create easy situations for myself.  I trust myself, others and the universe to guide me and support me. I have faith in myself and my High Self to lead me in the most positive direction for my learning.   Finally, Josephine was instructed to get a moonstone or carnelian gemstone and place it in or tape over her navel.  These stones are excellent for amplifying inherent feminine creative energies.

Presently, Josephine continues to work on her ability to create easy choices for herself.  She is back in the US and is currently exploring positions that will allow her to use her talents.  Her joints do not hurt anymore and she is still experiencing hot flashes, although not as frequently as she had before.  She says she is more upbeat about life and knows she will make wiser decisions that will make her life a lot easier.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright