Tell a Different Story

I received this message from guidance recently.

Dear Ones,

Do you realize that every thought you think, every phrase you speak, every story you tell defines your life? Yes, all of the times you spend complaining about the boss or the economy or your life are times you spend defining your life as that which you do not seek. And if you happen to tell a story about how great your life is, you will experience that as well.

The thought habits you have adopted are creating your life. Do you awake each day excited to begin a new, positive day or do you reluctantly get out of bed to face the day? Do you believe life is hard or life is fun? either way, you are correct. Your life will align to support your beliefs.

We know all too well that most of you learned to tell your stories from your parents or those who raised you. We know it is not a coincidence that a boy raised by an alcoholic, abusive father will tend to be an alcoholic abuser himself. Even if he hated the way his father treated his family, he accepted the story that his father offered as reality.

The same is true of the women whose mothers aligned with abusive men. They tend to accept the story that most men are abusive and you must learn to survive it. Of course, if the woman was raised by a woman who was strong and did not, sacrifice herself to an abuser, then the daughter has a better chance of the same.

Those who escape the patterns they grew up with are those who have learned to tell a new story. It is important to understand that your story not only describes your life (as if it were your past), but it creates your life – moment-to-moment.

Is your story one of victimhood? Is your story one of great, but unrealized potential? Is your story one of strength, growth and progress? Is your story one of a lucky person? Is your story one of great wealth? Or poverty? Is your story one of happiness and support from others? Is your story one of loneliness and little support? Is your story one of great opportunity? Is your story one of being oppressed?

Perhaps you would be well advised to carefully listen to the stories you tell about your life. You may even want to record them. If you listen to your stories and find they are very negative, it is time for you to get new stories. Unless, of course you are attached to your negative stories and the life they describe.

If you want a happier, healthier, more prosperous life, you must change your story. You must change what you believe about your life and how you describe it. Otherwise you will continue to perpetuate that which you describe painfully.

Life can be exciting, joyous and full of pleasure. But you must give up your stories that blame others for mistreating you. You must abandon your tales of woe and replace them with descriptions of what you love in your life.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young