Simplicity Chakra – Increasing Your Intuition

The Simplicity Chakra is the second of three chakras located in the Root Chakra Region of the body.  It vibrates just underneath the left ovary and represents the ease in which you access and incorporate higher spiritual knowledge into your life.  Its spiritual symbol is a crystal disk with twelve lines of light shining through connecting to the body’s twelve cranial nerves.  This is our transmutation chakra.  When it is healthy and in balance, our life is easier, we are more intuitive and powerful, anticipating or seeing “what’s around the corner” trusting ourselves implicitly.  You will be able to step firmly forward with more fluidity in your hips, pelvis and lower back.

“Angel” was divorcing her husband after twelve years of marriage.  To the outside world she and her husband had the perfect marriage.  They were highly paid professionals who traveled, appeared happy and in harmony with each other, and lived in an upscale yuppie neighborhood with two dogs.  In reality they both knew they were not happy and felt a sense of apathy regarding their marriage; they were stuck and didn’t know how to move past some fundamental differences about spirituality, money and the expression of love and trust.  After unsuccessfully working on their marriage for two years, they both agreed to the divorce.

Angel had a history of feeling “spacey”; she lost track of her thoughts sometimes and felt she jumped subjects a lot.  She thought she had adult ADHD.  She didn’t trust herself to make good decisions.    Although she had progressed well in her profession, Angel felt inadequate and somehow abnormal.  She also had frequent pain in her pelvis, had what she called stiff hips and a heavy menstrual cycle.  Her energy level, or vitality was frequently low.

In her initial session with me, I found past life patterns of hate of women, imprints of brain damage, low self-esteem, and blocks to loving herself.  She also set up lifelong challenges in the areas of relationships, understanding control and power, and expressing and attracting affection and love.  After a month of work, Angel began to appreciate herself more, looking at her accomplishments with a sense of confidence.  Angel felt more grounded and less “spacey”.  She also began to reduce a lot of inner chatter of putting other people’s, especially men’s, ideas and thoughts, ahead of her own.  It is interesting to note that Angel is in a field of work dominated by men.

Tuning into the Simplicity Chakra I got a sense that Angel dialed down her intuition a long time ago.  Angel told me her mother and grandmother were very intuitive.  When her mom used a pendulum to read the energy of food or do other “mysterious” things, she grew self-conscious and embarrassed; why, none of her friends’ moms acted this way!  By shutting down her intuition, Angel lost some of her inherent feminine power.  The color of this chakra, when healthy and balanced, is indigo, the highest healing color vibration in the universe and has a very smooth steady vibrational tone.  Angel’s Simplicity Chakra was emitting very little energy and had a murky blue-brownish color vibration.

To further Angel’s journey of achieving balance in her life, she was guided to purchase a raw sapphire gemstone and tape it over her left ovary at night.  Gemstones have a very high energetic vibration.  According to Gurudas in his book, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volume I, “Gemstones especially influence the chakras because man is moving towards physiologically becoming a crystallized being.”  There is evidence that we have crystal substances in some parts of the body, which might explain how and why the physical body reacts positively to gemstone therapies.

Angel was also guided to look in the mirror and say to herself, “Spirit loves me, I love myself, I am Spirit’s perfect child and I accept this,” ten minutes a day working her way up to twenty minutes a day for next six months.  She was instructed to visualize a clear indigo light entering the top of her head and filling every cell of her body.  During this meditation she was told to focus five minutes of the meditation time to sending a lot of this light to the area below her left ovary and visualizing a crystal disk radiating twelve lines to up to her brain.  She told me when she did this, she could feel an “itching” warm sensation around her ovary and it felt good.   Finally, Angel was encouraged to journal about areas of her life that made her feel inadequate, unloved and powerless.  She was consciously purging herself of the image she had set up some time ago.

Today, Angel is a lot more confident about herself and her abilities.  She is more energetic and has not had pain in her pelvis and hips for some time.  She feels young and vibrant.  Her intuition is very high now, so much so that she can anticipate things before they actually happen.  Angel has learned to trust that inner voice and access her soul’s spiritual knowledge and wisdom.  In fact, she used her inner guidance to attract her current husband, a man who is very supportive and shares a lot of her values and ideas about life.  Angel frequently tells me she is learning more and more about love every day.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

(All spiritual symbols described in this chakra series, were channeled by Robert Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Therapy).