Sensuality Chakra – Spiritual Awareness

The second chakra vibrating in the Sacral Chakra Region is called the Sensuality Chakra. Our physical five senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste) dominate how we perceive life. However, we have a multitude of spiritual senses we do not access until we acknowledge we are Spirit and begin our spiritual journey in the physical. This chakra represents our enhanced sensuality. Once our spiritual senses are accessed, we merge them with our physical senses. We begin to see things differently, hear Spirit more clearly, and feel, smell and taste more intensely. The spiritual symbol for this chakra is the dragon. Mythical dragons have healing powers and represent spiritual awareness. The colors of this chakra are a combination of violet and orange and it is located towards the front of the body just below the navel.

“Stephen” grew up in a very strict religious family environment. He was told to go to church, follow his religious teachings and always be a “good” person. He was taught to believe that anyone who did not attend church and believed in alternative spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, channeling, and hands-on healing were doing the work of the devil. If someone claimed that they had visions or heard voices, there was something very wrong with them and this “illness” had to be corrected. Stephen had a “problem”; he was able to see people’s auras (energy vibrations surrounding their body) and know if they needed immediate help, whether it was directions to a location or some comforting words to help them feel at peace. He could also accurately anticipate the future.

The first ten years of Stephen’s life were very painful. He felt there was something very wrong with him and he could not share it with anyone in his family or community. So, he did what most people do, he suppressed his gift and, in essence, himself. Stephen’s teenage and early adult years were tumultuous. He was torn between living the life of a “good” boy following his religious teachings, finishing high school, and going to college and being completely rebellious dating women his parents did not approve of, living life on the edge by driving fast cars, drinking heavily, and not caring for his well-being. There were times he thought he just wanted to end his life. Stephen was clearly on a self-destructive path. This pattern went on until his late twenties.

When I met Stephen he was on his second marriage and seemed somewhat satisfied with how his life had evolved. However, something was missing; he felt he had not created a happy and joyful life. Stephen felt stifled and stuck. He was still struggling with the idea of fully expressing his intuitive abilities and, in reality, being Stephen. He had been noticing that his senses were starting to really sharpen to the point that he was afraid of what he saw, heard or felt.

For example, one time while driving on the expressway Stephen could sense that he was about to get into an accident although there was no heavy traffic and no imminent danger. About five minutes later, a driver tried to merge into his lane without seeing Stephen’s car. Stephen and his wife described how “time stopped” in order for their car to move ahead of the other driver’s car to avoid having an accident. Stephen explained that he felt a huge vibration of peace go through his body and then everything slowed down so that he could maneuver out of harm’s way. After this and other similar events, his wife noticed his behavior change from being reliable and steady to being restless and distant; that’s when she decided to contact me for a session.

It took Stephen a month to agree to meet with me and discuss his situation; he was still struggling with the idea of intuition, energetic healing practices and how it could help him or others. In the first session, I cleared a lot of past life patterns of self-destruction and victimization; Stephen had been killed in past lives for being a healer and channel. He also had past life energies of self-limitation, failure, cowardice, and stinginess (another aspect of holding himself back) that were cleared. There were a number of past lives he had with his family in which he was abused and tortured for practicing energy and intuitive work. We found out that the reason he chose his present life family was to overcome their limitations and learn to embrace and love himself and his gifts.

After several more sessions of releasing past life patterns, Stephen felt more comfortable with his intuitive abilities. He began walking up to lost strangers answering their questions before they could open their mouths to form them. He became more comfortable and excited about his abilities but still wary.

He was guided to visualize first orange and then violet light entering the crown of his head and flowing down into his sacrum for ten minutes a day. This would help him anchor in and expand his intuitive powers. He was also to say this clearing statement five minutes a day, “I am open to, receptive of and have the love, loyalty and gentleness of Spirit, men and women.” This would allow Stephen to trust himself in using his intuition and trust that others would accept him and his abilities as well. Stephen was also guided to be more in nature especially around flowers; he took frequent trips to a botanical garden. Flowers have a high spiritual vibration and allow our intuitive powers to integrate in a very subtle and gentle way. Finally, Stephen was guided to keep a fire agate or moonstone in his pocket so he could frequently touch it and receive healing throughout the day.

Stephen became a changed person. Within a month he began to really appreciate himself and his gifts. He started trusting his guidance even more to lead him to what would make him happier in his life. His intuitive abilities started to grow; he would put his hand on another’s shoulder in order to ease the stress he sensed they were feeling. The way he expressed himself changed; he was more open and gentle to the people in his life. He could see past the mask most people put up to see their true nature. His ability to love and express his love to others expanded exponentially.

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