Sacral Chakra Region — Assimilation, Creation, Initiation, And Integration

As you may have read in earlier articles, the Root Chakra Region’s job is to anchor the soul into its physical body so that it may begin the journey of self-discovery, purpose and the learning of lessons  it has set up for itself in this incarnation.  The next region of the body, the Sacral Chakra Region allows the soul to assimilate into its new environment, create different strategies in order to learn its various lessons and initiate its plans into actions.

By now, the soul has now entered the body and is assimilating into its environment.  The process of assimilation includes:  adapting to the earth’s density, atmosphere, sound waves, energy patterns, and color vibrations; blending and reconnecting its energies with the those of its physical family, friends, teachers, enemies, lovers, and all others it will meet this life – these are souls it has journeyed with before and who have agreed to assist the soul in its learning; and adjusting to human consciousness which is limited in the understanding of the time/space continuum and creation – how integrate the physical aspect (limiting human consciousness) with the spiritual aspect (non-limiting timeless Spirit consciousness)  to create the highest potential for learning while on Earth.  This process continues for the rest of the soul’s physical life.

As the soul continually adapts, blends, reconnects, and adjusts, it has to dynamically create strategies to ensure it will learn its life lessons.  The soul creates a number of ways to accomplish this; almost like having Plans A through Z in place to ensure it will leave the physical realms complete and whole.  Plan A represents an easy painless strategy of learning we can tackle with our eyes closed; we get it done easily the first time the lesson appears.  Each plan after ‘A’ gets progressively more challenging ending with Plan Z which represents learning our lesson, after many attempts and setbacks, in the most challenging way possible so that we finally get it.  We all have set up Plan As, Plan Ms (those in the middle range), Plan Zs and every Plan in between.  There are some lessons we get right away, some that take several attempts with a little discomfort and some that take our entire lives to learn with a lot of discomfort.

The selection of which plan to initiate depends upon the soul’s readiness to master its lesson.  For example, the soul says to itself, “I’ve been running this pattern of limitation for 10,000 lifetimes; I am now ready to master it.  I know what I did incorrectly in the past and I’m taking full responsibility.  It’s time let it go and move forward,” and it picks Plan A to learn the lesson easily and the first time it appears in this life.  The soul has completed and mastered the lesson and moves on to the next level of learning.

Another example is that the soul can state, “I’ve had this challenge of understanding love about 10,000 lifetimes; I think the previous situations limited my learning; I wasn’t responsible for the outcome…”   In this case, Plan A won’t work; the soul already believes it wasn’t responsible.  So Plan M must be initiated.  It’s a tougher lesson because it has several challenging situations imbedded in the Plan.  They could possibly cause the soul to experience a number of physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual challenges.  However the plan materializes, the goal of learning its lesson does get accomplished.  Once the soul masters the lesson, it says, “Wow, I had to experience bankruptcy and a physical disorder in order to understand love.  I get it now!  I can heal and move forward in a more powerful way.”

When we look at our lives we can see how our experiences have ranged from being really easy to being extremely challenging.  We can see our plans of creation its strategies in constant action in our lives.   As one of my clients self-evaluated, “Learning to trust people was easy for me; finding my life’s purpose has been a little more challenging but I know what that is now; and experiencing long lasting love has proven extremely challenging since I’m looking for wife number four!”  Providing a constant state of creation, initiation and integration is the function of The Sacral Chakra Region of our body.

The Sacral Chakra Region contains three chakras that rule the sexual organs (testes, prostate, ovaries, uterus), urinary system, bones and joints, hips, lymph nodes, appendix, large and small intestines, pancreas, liver, spleen and gallbladder.  We physically create with our sexual organs and women birth children.  However, women and men birth new ideas, books, art, businesses, and situations all of the time.  By suppressing our ability to create, in the physical body, we can develop sexual dis-eases and infertility challenges.  The remaining organs listed help us to eliminate toxins from the body; we eliminate old patterns of doing things in order to constantly create new patterns.    If we don’t eliminate old patterns which create stagnation, build up and toxicity, our bones will stiffen, arthritis can develop, and/or we can trigger a number of physical challenges connected to a high buildup of toxins in the body.  We might also block assimilating into the earth’s vibration (I don’t want to be here…I don’t know how to function and create what I want!) and develop radiation miasms.

In the next three articles, I will introduce the three chakras located in the Sacral Chakra Region and their positive and potential negative effects on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of well-being.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright