Expect Good Things — Intend Desirable Outcomes

What do you expect in life? Do you expect good things or bad? Expectations are a form of intention. If you hope to receive a job offer, you would like it to happen but there is no power behind it. If you expect to receive the job offer, you are intending it to come. True expectation means you believe it will happen. You anticipate it. You look forward to it or you dread it, depending on whether you view it as positive or negative.

I remember seeing an interview with a famous woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. During the interview she revealed that she had expected something bad like this to happen. She believed it was a balancing or payback for all of the amazing good that happened in her life. She was rich, famous, glamorous, beautiful — her life seemed perfect. Her belief system held that God would make her pay for all that good with having to endure something horrible.

I also recall meeting a young woman long ago who was pretty, uneducated and always expected that good things would come to her. When I first met her, I thought of her as naive and unacquainted with the ways of the world. I expected to hear that her high-flying dreams would come crashing down. I never did. For as long as I knew her, her faith that everything good would come to her was rewarded. I now think of her not as naive, but as a wonderful demonstration that we get what we expect in life.

Many years ago, my Guidance advised me to make lists of Expectations rather than lists of Wishes. So instead of writing a wish list with items like “I wish for a new car” or “I want a new car,” I began writing “I expect a new (name of car) with these features” and listed the features. The reason was that if I put out the energy of wishing for a new car, I would stay in that mode — wishing for it. But the act of expecting it gave it more energy to manifest. And listing the features allowed me to get more specific and focus on exactly what I wanted. It gave me a point of attention from which to intend what I wanted. Now, with the marvelous tools on the Internet, I can log onto a car site, “build” the car of my dreams, save the image and brochure as a PDF and call it “My Next (Name of Car).”

How many times have you been around someone who was headed down a path, trying to make something happen when something quite different happened that sabotaged it and they said “I KNEW that was going to happen!” They were headed in direction ‘A’ while all the time expecting result ‘B.’

Or have you ever heard someone talk about a positive possibility by starting with the words, “With my luck….” I said to a guy one day who was complaining about finances that he could always win the lottery. He said “With my luck, I’d win the lottery and drop dead the same day.” He was open to the possibility of winning the lottery (sort of), but expected it would be accompanied by great loss (his life).

If you are hoping for one thing but expecting another, guess which one always wins? That’s right — the one you EXPECT.

Here are some tips to monitor your expectations and be consistent with your goals:

Pay attention to you thoughts and expectations. If you find your mind wandering to the unwanted, release the thought and consciously choose a new thought about what you do want.

Make a pact with a friend where you agree to gently point out to each other when your words exhibit unwanted expectations. Help each other get back on track.

Make a list of what you expect. Read and revise it regularly. Intend it.

I know I’ve covered this in other articles, but it is a reminder — Stop Watching the News!! The news editors of all of the major news sources have determined that the most heinous, violent, salacious, depressing news is what is suitable for the top stories. I know some people suggest watching PBS or listening to NPR if you must watch the news, but I think these sources are toxic as well. They go in depth to tell you what is wrong with the world whereas the others give news lite. If you must watch/listen to news — SMALL doses. And counteract it by going to Good News websites, such as GoodNewsNetwork.org or TheGoodDeedsOrganisation.com.

Find examples of good things happening to others and use them for inspiration.

Expect good things!! Intend your desirable outcomes!!

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young