Everything You Need

Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. You are pure potential — Source energy itself. Source encompasses all-that-is, so there is nothing left out.

Most of us on the Metaphysical – Spiritual path are familiar with this notion and many of us are able to accept it as truth — intellectually, that is. Few of us easily understand it and own it deep within.

If we owned it deeply, we would never say “I need” anything. We can have wants or desires or preferences, but we cannot have needs if we align with the knowledge that we already have everything we need.

I am one of those who held this belief at an intellectual level for a long time. I was regularly channeling Guidance who reminded people of that very thing. And yet, I was still seeing myself as incomplete and in need of healing or money, etc., to become whole. Until someone helped me put it into perspective.

I was talking to her about the disability I have been dealing with for almost 20 years. I mentioned how my limitations make it hard on others sometimes. I walk slowly and there are many activities I avoid because of being handicapped. I was feeling that I did not have the right to present myself as an expert on these topics because I was handicapped. I feared that people would say, “If you’re so advanced in this, how come you haven’t healed yourself?”

I was diagnosed with an inherited neuro-muscular disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) in 1990, well after I was on this path of Spiritual understanding. Because of it, I experience difficulty with balance, I walk with braces on my legs and a cane and I have limited use of my hands. My Father and one of my brothers also had it, as well as a grandfather, aunt, uncle and several cousins. (The disease I was diagnosed with is genetic, but Bruce Lipton has done a wonderful job of explaining how we need not be victims of our genetics.)

After I said something about feeling limited because of my handicap, she asked me if I had considered re-framing how I think about the CMT. She asked if I could see it as a blessing rather than a limitation. When I asked for examples, she pointed out a few of the obvious ones, such as — I always get the best parking spaces because of my handicapped placard.

Then she pointed out some less obvious ones. She said that the fact that I have to walk slowly and be very deliberate with everything I do — even with my hands (in order to avoid an accident), actually forces me to be more present. She suggested that because I habitually had to be more present, that I was closer to the awareness of Source. I do believe that being present is critical to experiencing one’s connection to Source, so I was able to resonate to this idea.

She also said it was possible that if I accepted that my condition was a gift rather than a limitation or handicap, that perhaps my negative attachment to it would end and I might be able to release it. If I could see (and be grateful for) how it has brought me closer to Source, then I might not need it anymore, because it will have served its purpose and no longer be necessary.

The condition I am working with serves as a reminder that we always have everything we need, even when we think we need something else. Because of societal training, it was easy to see my physical difficulties as a handicap that caused me to need other things — whether it was braces, cane, and other assistive items to help me cope with it — or healing to rid me of it.

Understanding that we have everything we need helped me to realize it as a gift that brings me closer to feeling that I am Source. For that, I am truly grateful.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young