Divine Comprehension Chakra

The first of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region is called Manipura in Sanskrit and “Divine Comprehension by my High Self.”  It is located on the spine opposite the navel and its color vibration is golden yellow.  This chakra represents how well we combine and express Divine Wisdom and Practical Knowledge in our lives.

When our souls are created in the Spiritual Realms we are imbued with everything that is Spirit.  We are the very essence of Spirit:  the microcosm of the macrocosm, the alpha and the omega.   We begin our educational process in the spiritual realms learning what Spirit is, who we are, why Spirit decided to expand Itself and create us, and how our existence transforms Spirit.

Ninety-nine percent of all of our education, Divine Wisdom, is gained while we are in the Spiritual Realms.  The final one percent of our education, Practical Knowledge, is gained through the incarnation process.

Divine Wisdom is applied in practical situations in order for us to have full understanding of Spirit, ourselves, life, love and compassion.  This is why we incarnate lifetime after lifetime and have many different life experiences.  We all may have lifetimes as a pirate, soldier, mother, father, religious figure, serial killer, drug addict, royalty, dictator and store owner.  We will also experience different cultures, races, religions, planets, sexual orientations and genders.  If you have lived 100,000 lifetimes, trust me, you have been and experienced everything.  Therefore, any kind of “ism” you express in this life is actually a form of self hatred.

The first time I met “Samuel” was almost a year ago. I immediately discerned he was an old soul and this was going to be his last incarnation.  Although he had over 100,000 wonderful lifetimes as leaders, warriors, social reformers, spiritual teachers, artists and healers, he decided for his final incarnation to be a challenging one.  He decided to learn to love himself under the most difficult of circumstances.

He is 17 years old and had a pretty tragic and rough childhood.  His father has been in and out of jail most of his life and his mother was an addict and incapable of raising him and his brother.  He felt abandoned and not loved by the two most important people in his life.  Samuel was raised by a woman who was not related to him but whom he called grandma and loved very much.  At the time we met he was trying to enroll in a high school outside of his neighborhood to avoid gang activity.  He didn’t go outside a lot “trying to stay positive and out of trouble.”

My first reading with Samuel focused on creating self-love and finding his life’s purposes.  We all have more than one purpose in our life.  Everyone has talents and gifts that become one’s life’s work and purpose, but your life’s purpose also includes overcoming challenges and developing soul qualities that help you create a deeper understanding and love of yourself and life.  For example, your lifelong lessons may include creating loving wonderful relationships and understanding the process of forgiveness and clarity.  Like most urban youth, Samuel wanted to play in the NBA, although his real talent was drawing cartoons and writing stories.  Samuel was also here to learn how to love himself, accept love from others and recognize how important he is to others.

In November, still not enrolled in school, like most young men, Samuel became restless.  So, he decided to get a gun and steal for money.  During the process of the stick-up, his intended victim grabbed the gun, they struggled and both of were shot.  His grandmother called me and asked that I clear for the most positive situation for Samuel to learn his lessons.  This didn’t mean she didn’t want him to take responsibility for his actions.  She wanted him to be given the best opportunity to pay for what he did and earn a high school degree or skill that will put him on his path.  She wanted him to have a chance in life.

I worked with Samuel’s High Self (committee of guides) to clear past lives between him and the gentleman he accosted as well as past lives of self-limitation, self-punishment, self-destruction, failure and injustice. We also removed blocks to self-control, love, understanding, success, and harmony.  We cleared Samuel to learn his lessons as easily and quickly as possible.  Finally, we cleared the court case so that the outcome would give everyone involved the most positive value to grow and learn.

Soon after, the gentleman Samuel shot decided to meet and talk with him about his life.  After their meeting, he decided not to press charges.  Samuel was charged with gun possession and endangerment.   Since this was his first offense, the judge decided to put him in juvenile detention for two years where he would have an opportunity to receive a high school degree and/or learn a trade.   The best situation was created for Samuel.

When he first went in, I advised him to say to himself everyday “God loves me, I love myself, I’m God’s perfect child and I accept this.”  I also advised Samuel to work on his sketches and see himself being successful in anything that he decides to do.  His grandmother reinforced this by telling him how much she loved him as whenever she spoke to or visited him.

At the end of June, Samuel’s grandmother called to let me know that he was going before the judge for a review of his progress.  Although he had an altercation during the first six months of his sentence, Samuel flourished.  The counselors, his basketball coach, and others reported what a great person he is encouraging and mentoring other young men, helping the staff and earning good grades.  He was stepping up and becoming a natural leader.  They all stated how proud they were of him and his progress.  The judge encouraged him to keep up the good work and told him how impressed he was as well.  His grandmother said it was like a virtual love fest in the courtroom!

Two weeks later, Samuel was playing basketball and missed an easy shot.  His coach looked at him and said, “Man, you know you could have made that shot.”  Samuel smiled and said he knew he could have, took two steps and fell to the ground.  Within minutes, he was dead.

What happened?  As I stated earlier, Samuel’s life’s purposes were to learn to love himself, accept love from others, and see how important he is to many people.  His soul wanted to fully integrate and comprehend the concept of love (Divine Wisdom) when faced with a challenging life experience (Practical Experience turned into Divine Comprehension).  Samuel accomplished his purposes.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright