Birthday Rituals

Today is the birthday of a good friend of mine (Happy Birthday, Julie!) and I thought would use this article as a reminder for everyone of the little rituals you can do on your birthday to mark the beginning of another year.

Birthday Wishes
I like to write out a list of my intentions for the coming year. Even though I call them “Wishes,” they are really intentions. The best time to do this is at about the same of day as when you were born.

Take a tablet (or computer, Smart Phone, or PDA) and make a list of what you want for the coming year. Make sure you state them as intentions. For instance, instead of writing “I want a shiny new car,” write “I love driving my shiny new car.” Like affirmations, you want to state your intentions in the present tense or as if they are already accomplished.

Another powerful boost is to add gratitude to your list, e.g., “I am grateful for my shiny new car.” Being truly grateful for something puts your attention on it and causes you to attract more of what you are grateful for.

Many people find it more useful to be specific, such as “I am grateful for my 2010 Lexus RX450h AWD in Starfire Pearl with Light Gray Perforated Leather Trim and Espresso Birdseye Maple Accents.” By being more specific, we are giving a clear order to the Universal Supply for our manifestations.

Treat Yourself
Whether it is an extravagant purchase, a bubble bath, playing your favorite music, eating your favorite food, or just being kind to yourself and willing to accept the kindness of others, allow yourself to feel special on your birthday. You are pure Source energy. You are one with all-that-is! Allow yourself to feel it this day.

Clearing Energy
If you want to start your new year fresh, consider a ritual to clear out old negative energy. Any of these work. Just hold the intent to use these to clear out the negative.

Smudging, though not a favorite of mine, is very popular with many people. This involves tying a small bundle of sage or other smudging herb and lighting it on fire so that it releases its smoke. You use it in rooms or areas where you want to clear energy.

Rose Water is a nice (and great smelling) clearing agent. Sprinkle or spray it everywhere you want to clear out negative energy. You can also use water with Sea Salt dissolved in it.

Fire is a cleanser, to — just be very careful if using this one. Take a heavy duty metal pan (no teflon lining) that has heat proof handles and put about a cup of epsom salts along with a half cup of rubbing alcohol in it. Use a long nosed lighter to set it afire. It will burn for several minutes. Hold it away from your body and away from anything flammable as you go from, room to room allowing it to work like smudge to absorb and eliminate negative energy. When you are done, place it on a stove or outside where it can safely burn out.

Your birthday, like the New Year, is a time to begin anew. It can be a fresh start. Set your intentions, be generous and loving to yourself and clear out the old negative energies so they won’t travel with you into the new year.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young