Divine Comprehension Chakra

The first of eight chakras in the Solar Plexus Region is called Manipura in Sanskrit and “Divine Comprehension by my High Self.”  It is located on the spine opposite the navel and its color vibration is golden yellow.  This chakra represents how well we combine and express Divine Wisdom and Practical Knowledge in our lives.

When our souls are created in the Spiritual Realms we are imbued with everything that is Spirit.  We are the very essence of Spirit:  the microcosm of the macrocosm, the alpha and the omega.   We begin our educational process in the spiritual realms learning what Spirit is, who we are, why Spirit decided to expand Itself and create us, and how our existence transforms Spirit.

Ninety-nine percent of all of our education, Divine Wisdom, is gained while we are in the Spiritual Realms.  The final one percent of our education, Practical Knowledge, is gained through the incarnation process.

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Expect Good Things — Intend Desirable Outcomes

What do you expect in life? Do you expect good things or bad? Expectations are a form of intention. If you hope to receive a job offer, you would like it to happen but there is no power behind it. If you expect to receive the job offer, you are intending it to come. True expectation means you believe it will happen. You anticipate it. You look forward to it or you dread it, depending on whether you view it as positive or negative.

I remember seeing an interview with a famous woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. During the interview she revealed that she had expected something bad like this to happen. She believed it was a balancing or payback for all of the amazing good that happened in her life. She was rich, famous, glamorous, beautiful — her life seemed perfect. Her belief system held that God would make her pay for all that good with having to endure something horrible.

I also recall meeting a young woman long ago who was pretty, uneducated and always expected that good things would come to her. When I first met her, I thought of her as naive and unacquainted with the ways of the world. I expected to hear that her high-flying dreams would come crashing down. I never did. For as long as I knew her, her faith that everything good would come to her was rewarded. I now think of her not as naive, but as a wonderful demonstration that we get what we expect in life.

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Tell a Different Story

I received this message from guidance recently.

Dear Ones,

Do you realize that every thought you think, every phrase you speak, every story you tell defines your life? Yes, all of the times you spend complaining about the boss or the economy or your life are times you spend defining your life as that which you do not seek. And if you happen to tell a story about how great your life is, you will experience that as well.

The thought habits you have adopted are creating your life. Do you awake each day excited to begin a new, positive day or do you reluctantly get out of bed to face the day? Do you believe life is hard or life is fun? either way, you are correct. Your life will align to support your beliefs.

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Lessons from Baseball – The Importance of Persistence

Last night, I watched an amazing baseball game. It was almost miraculous in its outcome. And it was a perfect demonstration of the importance of persistence — not giving up in the face of adversity.

As I’ve told the readers before, I am a HUGE BASEBALL FAN. I love the mental game, the visual poetry of watching great plays on the field, and I find many lessons in Baseball that directly translate to the metaphysical – spiritual discipline to which I subscribe.

The game I watched was between my local home team, the Colorado Rockies and the team they were hosting, the San Francisco Giants. The pitchers were dominant. Even though each team managed to get base runners many times, they were not able to get the timely hits to bring them home. The Giants hit into 3 double plays and the rockies hit into one. And there were some terrific defensive plays.

As a result, when the Giants’ Barry Zito left after 6 innings, he had given up only 3 hits and 1 unearned run. When the Rockies’ starting pitcher Jason Marquis left, he had pitched 8 full innings and surrendered 1 run on 6 hits.

As the score remained 1 to 1, inning after inning, new pitchers and hitters were brought into the game. Pablo Sandoval (aka Kung Fu Panda), the Giants’ best hitter had to leave the game with a strained calf muscle.

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Truth and Miracles – Mastering Time and Space

The third and final chakra in the Sacral Chakra region is called Truth – Mastering Time and Space. This chakra’s responsibility is to help you integrate the theory of time and space (physical realm idea) with the reality that there is no time and space (spiritual realm truth). Have you ever wondered what miracles are and how they are created? Miracles are moments when you reach outside of the physical perception of time into a dimension of spiritual timelessness and create exactly what you need.

You create your miracles! They can be big ones like finding money when you need it the most or small ones like finding your lost keys when you feel like you are in a rush. Through faith, positive intention, selflessness, light, love and the inner knowledge that you are Spirit and completely responsible for all of your creations, you can have anything that gives you the most positive value at any given moment.

The Truth Chakra is located in the left ovary in women and in the same physical area in men. Its color vibration is burnt orange, a combination of red and orange light vibration of foundation and creativity. Its spiritual symbol is a square. Has anyone ever heard the phrase, “Stand(ing) on your square (of truth)?”

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Sensuality Chakra – Spiritual Awareness

The second chakra vibrating in the Sacral Chakra Region is called the Sensuality Chakra. Our physical five senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste) dominate how we perceive life. However, we have a multitude of spiritual senses we do not access until we acknowledge we are Spirit and begin our spiritual journey in the physical. This chakra represents our enhanced sensuality. Once our spiritual senses are accessed, we merge them with our physical senses. We begin to see things differently, hear Spirit more clearly, and feel, smell and taste more intensely. The spiritual symbol for this chakra is the dragon. Mythical dragons have healing powers and represent spiritual awareness. The colors of this chakra are a combination of violet and orange and it is located towards the front of the body just below the navel.

“Stephen” grew up in a very strict religious family environment. He was told to go to church, follow his religious teachings and always be a “good” person. He was taught to believe that anyone who did not attend church and believed in alternative spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, channeling, and hands-on healing were doing the work of the devil. If someone claimed that they had visions or heard voices, there was something very wrong with them and this “illness” had to be corrected. Stephen had a “problem”; he was able to see people’s auras (energy vibrations surrounding their body) and know if they needed immediate help, whether it was directions to a location or some comforting words to help them feel at peace. He could also accurately anticipate the future.

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Eat Real Food

I seem to be on the radical edge when it comes to cuisine. I regularly encourage people to eat real food. Such a simple statement, but in our culture, it seems foreign to some people. They sometimes look at me like I’m crazy. They think artificial whipped cream, non-dairy creamer and donuts is real food. Obviously, I don’t.

Lately, I have noticed that every time I go to the grocery store I see a woman with 3 or 4 kids hanging off her grocery cart. When I look into their carts, I don’t see anything that I would call real food. No fresh fruit. No fresh vegetables. No fresh meat or fish or fowl. Lots of over-processed, high calorie, low nutrition foods.

Even though my local grocery store has a magnificent selection of fresh food and a huge organic section, the woman’s cart is full of prepared snacks, frozen pizza rolls, soda pop, boxes of macaroni and cheese, cookies, cake, candies, sugary cereals, potato chips, fish sticks, etc. Lots of items that are loaded with chemicals, hydrogenated oils, sugars, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors.

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Déjà vu – I have been here before!

I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my friend and colleague Dawn Silver on what I call a working vacation. We’re teaching classes, working on clients and traveling around a bit. It is always interesting and exciting for me to visit other cities. Not only for the obvious enjoyment of seeing and experiencing things that Chicago doesn’t have, but for the richer multidimensional experience that most of us have but cannot explain of “having been here before” and the feeling of being transported back in time.

We are staying behind Canyon Road in Santa Fe, an area where the Spaniards settled 400 years old ago, in a beautiful empty adobe house that has been recently renovated. The floors are rustic, the wood panels are intricate, and outside the front of the house there is dirt, gravel and patches of grass where two more houses can be built. There are rabbits, squirrels and a variety of birds, running, fighting and playing all day long. The back of the house has a nice garden of rose, lavender and sage bushes. It is really quite peaceful and beautiful. In order to get to Canyon Road we have to maneuver our way along a dirt road and up a little hill. Once we get to the top of the hill we are in the hustle and bustle of the road made famous for its diverse art galleries.

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Are You Defending Your Victim Status?

Every time we tell a story about how someone did us wrong, we are defending our victimhood. I know I have done it. I remember saying to my husband a few years ago, when he left me to be with his girlfriend that every time I was around him I felt like a victim, even though I did not believe in victims.

His leaving had triggered all of my self worth issues. I felt abandoned. I felt that I had been discarded like something useless. Of course, I could not feel that way if I did not have deep issues about my value. If I truly saw myself as being Source Itself, I would not have felt so troubled. If I had owned that within my own reality sphere I had created the reality of him leaving for another woman, I would have not felt like a victim.

When I finally admitted that I had attracted a reality in which he would leave for someone else, I let go of my victimhood and stepped once again into my power. Continue reading

The Lightheartedness Chakra – How We Choose To Learn Our Lessons

The first of the three chakras vibrating in the Sacral Chakra Region is called the Lightheartedness Chakra also known as the Svadhistana Chakra in Sanskrit.  The color of this chakra is a bright orange and it is located in the lower back.   This chakra represents our ability to learn our life’s lessons in the spirit of love, laughter, enjoyment and acceptance.  Each soul chooses challenging lessons lifetime after lifetime.

One soul does not have it easier than another.  No one soul is given harder challenges than another.  Everything is about perspective, therefore, the difficulty one experiences in learning their lessons is determined by the approach one takes when undergoing life’s challenges.   Our journeys can be fraught with pain and disappointment or filled with laughter and wisdom.  Will you approach life with a sense of dread, resentment and hate or will you approach life with a sense of wonder, anticipation and love?  Will you choose to break your leg or stub your toe in order to reach your life goals?

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