Why There Are Seven Major Chakras

Why did the ancients, in an attempt to understand the connection between the physical and spiritual planes, divide the body into seven major sections?  Let’s talk a little about numerology.  Numerology is the study of the vibration of numbers and their inherent effect in and on our lives.

My High Self says that the vibrations of numbers, symbols, sounds and letters are gateways for specific energetic pulses to enter our physical environment and cause an energetic shift in and around us.  Numbers are neither positive nor negative energetic vibrations; they merely represent spiritual forces and energies, which act upon us in a myriad of ways.

So, what does the number seven represent? Seven rules the physical body and body functions.  It is the number of physical completion and attainment.    Before the soul comes into the physical realms, it creates a Divine Plan.  The Divine Plan is everything we desire to accomplish and master while in the physical.  My High Self says that the Gardens of Eden are spiritual schools where the soul learns all principles of creation, love and compassion.  Everything that is to be known about the universe is contained in the Gardens of Eden; 99% of the soul’s education is attained in the spiritual realms.  However, what is knowledge if it cannot be applied.  What is the use of learning the fundamentals of building a car but never actually doing it?

The soul decides to enter the physical realms to complete its education.  Their spiritual knowledge has to be applied in the physical so that there is full understanding of what it means to love in the toughest of circumstances.  The physical realms are where we attain and complete our learning through our endeavors, actions and efforts.  This is where we master Life.

In Tarot, the Key 7 Major Arcana, the Chariot, represents the receptivity to the will of Spirit.  Symbolically, the Charioteer is the soul, directing the Chariot, the physical body.  When the physical body is created, it is a completely formed vehicle that the soul can occupy to learn its lessons while on Earth, a physical realm.  This card’s message, and our lesson in life, is that the soul can master the physical body by controlling base desires and, through our free will, elevate our actions to represent Spirit in manifestation.  We apply our spiritual knowledge in the most challenging schools of all, the physical realms.  Therefore, seven represents completeness and spiritual perfection through all actions in the physical.

Interestingly, we can find the number seven represented throughout most major religions.  We have all heard of the seven days of creation in the Book of Genesis, (although some will argue six but on the seventh day there was rest), the Mohammedans speak of Seven Archangels; the Hindu of Seven Rishii, the Parsi of Seven Ameshaspentas, the Hebrews of the Seven Mystical Seals, the Christians of the Seven Spirits before the Throne and, in the book of Revelation, the Seven Seals and the Bottomless Pit.  My High Self says that all of the above represent the soul’s journey through seven levels of enlightenment to master the physical world.

I am excited to share with you a system of energy and chakra healing I channeled in 2003.   Transformation in Consciousness is a system of healing that realigns and balances our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states through balancing 25 principal chakras.  As I discussed in my article, An In-Depth Look At Chakras – Part 1, chakras are the nerve plexuses or centers of force and consciousness located within the physical body.  They are our connection and gateway to spiritual knowledge and transformation.   When in balance, they also represent a way for us to heal ourselves in many different ways.

In this written chakra series, I will be discussing in depth the 25 major chakras. I will tell you why they are important, the organ(s) each charka vibrates with, as well as the chakras’ universal meanings, the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical characteristics and challenges inherent in each, and how to keep the chakras in balance by using colors, gemstones, meditations, affirmations and musical notes.

Keep checking back for more in-depth articles on all of the chakras.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright