Who Are We?

We are Spirit in physical expression.  We are more than the face and body we see in the mirror everyday.  We are more than our bodies.  We are the essence of Life, Love, Light, and Spirit.

As Spirit, we are created in and from something greater than our physical selves; we come from the Universal Source of Existence, God/Goddess, Shiva, the Creator, Spirit and any other Names given to the mystical All.   Spirit is the creator of all things, thus we are creators.  Spirit is all knowledgeable therefore we are all knowledgeable.  Spirit is love therefore we are love.  Spirit is powerful therefore we are powerful.  

Spirit is abundant therefore we are abundant.  Spirit is timeless therefore we are eternal souls.  Spirit is genderless and cultureless therefore, in essence, our souls are genderless and cultureless.  Spirit just is and we just are.  We are the energy of love because we are the purest expressions of the Spirit or Love Energy.   Love Energy is formless, expansive, and eternal.  In its purest full expression Love Energy cannot be contained, limited, or temporary.  Since we are the energy of love, we have also these qualities.  

Therefore, all of our answers to life’s questions are contained within us.  When we take back our inherent power to think for ourselves, we find whom we are and why we are here.  We begin to discover that we know things about life and ourselves that we were never told.  We begin to feel for ourselves what is right and wrong.  We begin to care about what we think, feel, see and know.   We start to tune in to what makes us happy, sad, fearful, and loving.  We begin to understand why we are important.  We become powerful, complete, and spiritual.  

We have been conditioned to believe that the world is an unpredictable and fearful place.  What would happen if you owned the fact that you are an all powerful Spiritual Being?  The awareness and application of your inherent creative power will reveal to the world as the opposite of what you have come to know.  Your life and world experience is a product of your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.  What would happen if you saw the world as a wonderful, loving place for you to learn to love and trust yourself?  What if you began to see the world as a school of learning and that every day would bring a new lesson for you to grow and understand more of who you are?  What if you dissolved those thoughts, judgments, beliefs and perceptions?  What if you connected within and perceived Truth?  And once you perceived it, to have the courage to speak, feel, taste, smell and hear it?  Would that change your reaction to your experiences?  Would this change your relationship with life, yourself and other so that you can create more positive life experiences?

I believe it will do all of these things and much, much more.  I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the occurrences in your life, you will have the ability to create meaningful changes in your life and you will have a deeper connection with yourself, others and Spirit.  Your awareness will expand and you will sense changes in your life before they occur.  You will be at peace in challenging situations.  You will be able to heal past hurts by understanding why you needed to experience them; you will realize they helped you to grow, shift and change.  Your life will develop into a richer and more fulfilling experience.    You will be in power again.  

How do we begin to tap into this realization?  There are infinite ways to reconnect with our Higher Selves.  Over the next several months I will give you some assignments, meditations and suggestions that worked for me and my clients.  Some of these will resonate with you and some will not.  The most important thing is to find what techniques work best for you.  One of the first things to do is to quiet the mind or at least find a way to reduce your mind chatter.  Here are two suggestions to get you started.   

If it is easy for you to quiet the mind, sit or lie in a comfortable position and start taking deep easy breaths.  Close your eyes and visualize a color, any color that you resonate with or the first color that comes to mind.  Now have this color enter the top of your head and flow down through the center of your body and out through your feet into the ground as far down as you can imagine.  Take your time as you fill your body with this color.  Feel the vibration of the color relax or energize your body.  If your mind wanders, it’s fine; just bring your focus back to the color.  When you are done open your eyes and take a final deep breath.  Start off doing this everyday for 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes or so over the next couple of months or at your own pace.

If it is not easy for you to be still, do something active like walk, run, swim, or bike at time when no one, or at least very few people, are around.  Focus on your breathing.  If you find your mind wandering to other thoughts and worries, bring your focus back to your breath.  Notice how your breathing makes you feel.  Do you feel refreshed or energized?  Can you feel how your breath is gently massaging your lungs and chest?  Get in touch with how your body really feels.  Start off doing this for 5 minutes a day if you haven’t exercised for a while.  If you exercise regularly, pick a time during your routine to really focus on your breath, not how much longer you have to go or your technique or anything that takes from focusing on your breath and going within.  

For some of you this will be the first step in quieting the mind and reconnecting with your true nature.  More to come soon!


Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright

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