What Happens After this Life?

by JonMark

This came through on 29 January 2004.

REJOICE in the Lord Always, AGAIN I say REJOICE (song stuck in my head).

Today has been a day of GREAT pondering for me.

On the way home on the train I began a long dialogue with myself about the “after life” and its existence. I must admit that a part of me truly fears death and this is where my faith appears to be lacking. The more I looked into the fear the more I realized it was not so much the act of dying but the perception of the finality of it all.

Whether you believe in the resurrection of the body or in the reincarnation of the soul it all conveys the same theme.  The mutual theme is that this life, once it is over, is not the end of our being-ness, there is more to come.

No one has ever come back and proclaimed what it is truly like on the “other side” of this life. Many have had glimpses of what the next world looks like and have documented them for us to read. In my own personal spiritual life I have spoken with souls that have crossed over and yet I have yet to be met face to face by one who would tell me of the other side of this life.

Let us ponder that just for a moment. This is it! Once we are done then we are done, finé, finete, finito,over and done with. But is it really?

I use this example to make a very important point. In all things, and in all ways we are told to live this day, as it is our last. Yet conversely, if we live every day, as it is our last, are we not merging our consciousness into the eternal now that does not end but goes on and on? Are we not reaching that place of “at-one-ment (atonement) that we hear so much about in the Bible?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not ready for this life to be over. I see so much to do, so many people to help, so much teaching yet to be done. AND I don’t know when or how it will all end. The giant meteor could be headed right for me and I would not be aware of it.


What could I possibly do about that? You are correct, NOTHING.

Inter vs. inner connected-ness?

Here in lies the rub. Are we connected to those we love by an INTER-dependence or are we connected by something greater, by an INNER-dependence that transcends space and time. I am speaking of a connection on a soul-to-soul level. How could we possibly live and grow in this dimension without other beings to help us learn?

We are conscious beings that are choosing to live our lives to the fullest with the greatest amount of love, compassion and gentleness possible and by doing so we see the connectedness of all things. Is the connection not on a soul level connecting us with everyone and everything around us?

Think about that just for a moment. What is the glue that binds us one to the other, that binds us to our families, friends and loved ones? The answer my friend is love. Love of the purest form. Love that exists and is experienced on a soul-to-soul level. A love of that piece of God that dwells within me, acknowledging, that piece of God that dwells within you. When we experience that connection with one another how can we not be transformed internally and then this will transform the way we perceive others in this life we choose to lead?

If you were to leave this place and return to wherever we go, if anywhere at all, what would you want left behind?

The greatest thing anyone could ever say about me was that I loved with all my heart, I had compassion for the world and I was a gentle soul upon this planet and that I had fun whilst I was here.

My family would know, or at least I hope they would know, in their heart of hearts my undying love and gratitude for each and every one of them, especially my Mother. My partner would know that I loved him with all my heart and then some. My friends current and past would know that they were very important to me and how much I have cherished their friendship. I leave them all behind a legacy that I hope may have changed or will change their lives for the better. LOVE and COMPASSION would be my legacy.

For many years I have thought and was told that this would be my last life in this dimension. But then a realization came to me as a still small voice that awakened me in the middle of the night. The voice simply asked  that if I could lessen the suffering of one human being on this planet by my return would I be willing to take on physical form again. I was surprised at how quickly my soul answered and the answer was YES. I would. Part of the reason for the resounding quiet answer was due to that connectedness I feel with all living things in all walks of life. If any suffering can be lessened by my return to this planet, so be it.

It need not be big things that bring us to our feelings of inner-connectedness. This path may be approached from all angles. It can be approached by the heart of compassion, it can be approached on the bended knees of humility, it can be approached by the wondrous loving smile and glimmer of wonder in a new born baby’s eyes and it can be approached in great gratitude and supplication.

In this current time, the winds of change blow strong and brisk about us. Many, and I do mean MANY are being called out from self-imposed slumbers. The call is to awaken to that larger sense of whom we are as individuals, with an inner-call to go beyond where we have been before in our understanding of what it means to be the divine expressions of God on this planet. We are being called to own up, if you will, to our parentage and accept what dwells within us and what dwells within those around us.

It is not a loud voice, a banging of drums, nor is it a crashing of cymbals that awaken us to this heart-felt realization of inner connectedness. When we would but listen, what speaks to us is that small yet immensely powerful voice that spoke in hushed tones in the middle of the night to us when we were children. It is that same inner voice that lets us know everything was and is as it should be; everything in our being can be at peace. Let us as adults make the conscious choice to awaken to that inner voice NOW. Let us be of courage and listen to that voice, full of inner peace, calm, balance, nourishing love, compassion and gentleness not only in our own minds, and through our example, in the minds of others.

May the light of God surround you, may the love of God enfold you, may the power of God protect you, may the presence of God watch over you and may you always know that wherever you are, God IS.

Be in Peace and walk in Love.

Many, many thanks,

Jon Mark

Copyright © 2004, 2009 by Jon Mark