The Root Chakra Region And Reincarnation

Before entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the soul makes an assessment of what it needs and wants to learn this time around.  It reviews and assesses how previous incarnations evolved.  For instance, the soul will ask itself:  “What can I do differently to learn my lessons in more effective ways?”  “What are the negative patterns I trigger when I try to express love in a number of situations?”  “I want to be an artist again, how can I apply my creative artistic talents in a number of ways that are not self-destructive?”  “How will I express love for myself and others in a ways that are easy and compassionate?”  “What are the best ways for me and members of my soul family, who are in this life with me, to interact, learn, and support each other this time around?”  

Once the soul sets up its themes, challenges, goals, and qualities it wants to further develop, it decides where and when will be the best time to incarnate.  As the soul transitions down into the physical, a veil is drawn between the physical and spiritual worlds.   It immediately forgets who it is and why it is in the physical.  The soul also forgets all its memories from the previous physical lives in order to create new ways of expressing itself.  This is necessary so the soul does not become overwhelmed by past life memories and desires to “go back home.”  The soul becomes anchored into this reality through the Root Chakra Region, also known as the first chakra section, of the physical body.

The Root Chakra Region represents the soul feeling grounded and supported on all levels, being steadfast in its purpose, finding its identity again, going into action, being directed, developing its strength of character, power, self-worth and inner security, and creating and living its destiny.   I would sum up the Root Chakra Region with this statement, “I am here and prepared to live this life fully.”

The Root Chakra Region contains three chakras that rule the feet, legs, tailbone, rectum, colon, spleen, pancreas and large intestines.  When you think about these areas, what comes to mind?  I think of strong powerful legs moving you forward in life, sturdy feet to keep your footing as you walk, run and sprint through your life, and an efficient digestive system that helps you digest your experiences.  The Root Chakra Region also has influence over the adrenal glands and heart.  Why?  Because the adrenal glands give us the energy or force (adrenaline) needed to accomplish our tasks and the heart represents the love we need to draw upon when we feel challenged in our experiences.  

As I stated in previous articles, the chakras contain every memory of everything that it has ever done and experienced.  So, on a very subtle level the soul knows who it is and what it needs to experience and accomplish during each incarnation.  The purpose of fully opening and accessing the chakras is to remember our purpose for being here and go into action.  

The first eight cells of the body created in the womb eventually becomes the tailbone.  The first chakra, called the Muldhara (a Sanskrit word meaning Root Chakra) by the Hindus and named the Cleverness Chakra by my High Self, is located in the tailbone.  It is connected to the Etheric body, our pattern or blueprint body.  This body is called by Robert Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Therapy, the microcosm of the macrocosm and contains the entire design of this universe.  In other words, everything within Spirit (macrocosm) is contained within our Etheric (microcosm) body.   If the soul attaches to the physical body at conception, and not all souls attach at this time, then it has to anchor into the tailbone.  Interesting!  In the next three articles I will talk more about this chakra and the other two that vibrate in this region of the body.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright