Paying Attention

This is a message I received from my guidance on June 12, 2008.

Dear Ones,

It is important for one to look at one’s life with attention and reverence.

Attention to what is.
Attention to what needs to be done.
Reverence for yourself, reverence for others, reverence for all that is.
You will treat people and things differently if you have reverence for them. You will treat yourself differently, as well.

Most people have developed the habit of taking everything in life for granted. They do not even notice how miraculous and special it is. They don’t see the amazing divine energy that flows through everything. They do not appreciate all of the many things that operate smoothly and perfectly in their lives. They do not notice that their heart is beating, their lungs are breathing, their brain is processing, the street lights are working, their car is running. They only notice what doesn’t work.

They only notice when they or a precious loved one becomes ill or when they suffer a great loss. We implore you to pay attention now. Now. Now. NOW!! Now is the only moment of power. Now is where you always are, yet you put your attention on what happened (usually troubled by it) or on what you think (or fear) is going to happen.

Surely you can see how illogical (silly, really) it would be for you go on a vacation to a paradise and put all of your attention onto some awful place? But that is what most people are doing with their daily lives. You are already living in Paradise. The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you.

There are many petty issues and petty tyrants that you may choose to focus on, but not happily. Your focus on them will remind you what troubles you. When you are troubled, you are not acknowledging your connection to Source.

A good practice for paying attention is, of course, meditation. During meditation your thoughts and distractions, hopes, fears and fantasies will assemble a very large parade (with floats and orchestras) to march across your attention.through observing the spectacle of your mind, without engaging any of the thoughts or attaching to them, you can begin to see your thought patterns. You will begin to see how your particular mind-ego works to stay in charge. By developing this understanding, you can rise above the cacophony of the mind. when you recognize the tricks, the trickster can no longer fool you.

Copyright © 2008 by Victoria Young