How to Start Our Journey of Realization – Part 2

Is the world really what we have been told it is?  Are we really any of these identities?  Is the noise Truth?  No.  They are social mechanisms designed take us outside ourselves so that we become completely dependent upon everything external.    

These mechanisms makes it is easier for us to identify ourselves to the outside world.   We use this mechanism to better identify others.  It then becomes easier to “read” and understand people.  We can make sense of the world because we have these ready made descriptive boxes to pull out in which to fit people and circumstances.  

We believe that words of others are who we really are; we are conditioned to trust the social descriptions as our true nature and being.  We take ownership of these descriptions.  We become these verbs and adjectives.   We become what others tell us we should be.  We have been completely brainwashed and conditioned to believe what we are told.  We live externally, outside ourselves.

Who am I?  What am I?  Why do I have this life?  Is this life all there is?  What is love?  Why am I afraid?  Where do I find peace?  How can I achieve happiness?  How do I change my life?  These are only a handful of questions we think about from time to time.  We are conditioned to look everywhere outside ourselves to find the answers to these questions.  

But more often than not we never seem to resolve them.  Why?  The answer could possibly be because we have been removed as the possible answer or solution to these questions.  The answer is outside us not within ourselves.  

 We have relinquished our own power to pursue the answers.  We have been told that our religious leaders, appointed experts, and scientists, not us, have the answers to these profound questions because they have taken classes and studied the meaning of life.  They understand who we are and what makes us happy.  We have, by default, given the authority to study our life.  OK.  We can listen to their explanations, but two obvious questions come to mind:   “Why are they more knowledgeable about my life than I am?  How do they know what makes me happy?”   

The answer to those questions is they are more knowledgeable because you have given up your power to answer your own questions.  They really don’t know a thing about you.  They have written books, conducted studies on the psychology and behaviors of people, interpreted religious books on your behalf, and teach you about yourself.  

Were you part of the book they wrote?  Were you a member of the study conducted?  Did they ask you any important questions about your life?  Were you with them as they deciphered books of religions?  If you were physically involved, then they really do know you!  If you were not physically involved, then it is an impossibility that they are talking about you.  It is an impossibility that they know why you are here and who you are!

In truth, they are no better equipped to finding the answers to your questions about life than you are.  Only you can discover your own meaning, purpose and mysteries of life.  You give your life meaning, purpose and direction.   You can discover what makes you happy, joyful, at peace, fearful and angry.  

You have the ability to know who you are and why you are here.  All the answers are within you.  

It is the spiritually aware scientist, religious teacher, or individual, successful in his/her self-knowledge pursuits, who will tell you to search within yourself for answers about life and our existence.  The bottom line is we are individually responsible for the explanation of our lives.  In fact, it is our divine right and responsibility to discover and know where we come from, who we are, how we are created and why we exist.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright