Getting What You Asked For

In April of 2001, I had just taken my Spiritual Response Therapy Classes with Robert Detzler and was on a super high.  I was beginning to take control of my life.  I’d learned how to clear negative energies, research past life patterns that were in my way of living a fulfilling life.  Life was clearer!  When I returned to work, I took my charts with me because I’d become addicted to asking questions, clearing energies and feeling good.  I would go in my office, close my door and just work on myself.  What about clearing for a new job?  How about clearing for a wonderful relationship?  What do I need to clear about my boss so I wouldn’t be so miserable?

I hated my university job.  I was not given any real leeway to be creative and innovative and was told by my bosses to, literally, do nothing.  I was in career development in charge of placing graduate students in corporate positions.  This meant I had to go to companies and convince them to hire our students for internships and permanent positions.  Because we had a high concentration of international students, this was a pretty challenging assignment.  In order to convince companies to hire non US students, I had to create ways for companies to see the advantages of hiring our internationals.

I had very little to work with and was handicapped because I wasn’t allowed to be creative.  I would go to meetings where, Charlie Brown’s teacher must have surely been present, “Wonk, Wa Wonk Wonk…”  You’ve got to be kidding me!  This is what I went to school for?  To be brain drained and waiting to retire!?!   There were days when I’d arrive at work and just stare at the doors trying to will myself to just walk through them and take the elevator to my floor.  “Come on, Shirlyn, just go in…you can do it.”

There were a few days when I failed that ‘be a good employee’ test and would walk away before anyone I knew saw me to pursue much more inspiring pursuits, like starting a cable TV show to introduce people to alternative healing methods or going to the movies and taking myself out to lunch.

I had taken the SRT classes over a two weekend period in April of 2001 and as I mentioned before, was on fire.  I’m changing my life.  I’d gotten my Employment review in June of 2001 and it was good, not bad, not great but good.  Fine, I thought, at least I’m not slipping that much in my work performance.  Another year another inflation pay raise.  But how much longer could I really keep going doing this.  When was this endless cycle going to end?

I remember going to bed and a thought came out of no where… “It would be great if the university let me go.  I could get a certain amount of money as severance, be eligible for unemployment and then I could start doing SRT consulting full-time.”  At the time, there was no indication that this would happen.  I was the average employee who did her job and just gotten a good review.  However, something made me make this request out loud to the Universe.  I went to bed a bit inspired.

Two weeks later, the Dean calls me into the office and tells me, “We are eliminating your position.”  I sat stunned.  Finally after what seemed eons, I was able to gasp, “What?”  He immediately said, “But don’t worry.  We are giving you $10,000 and you will be eligible for unemployment.  In fact, you can stick around for several days to get things in order.”  I had tears in my eyes.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  How was I going to pay for my mortgage?  How was I going to live?  I’d just resigned from teaching part-time at Roosevelt University because I didn’t want to teach there anymore.  How was I going to pay my bills?

As I walked, stunned, back to my office, I heard a voice very clearly say, “This is what you asked for.”  I stopped walking and literally just stopped thinking.  I was stopped in time at a moment of realization.  I had asked for this.  Why, I even received the amount of money I asked for and now I really could pursue my dream of working for myself helping others.  I immediately stopped crying, ran to my office and called all of my friends telling them the great news…I’m in business!

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright