Connecting with I AM — Part 3

by JonMark

This is the final portion of a message I received from spirit on 2 April 2009.










So many people misunderstand wisdom. Many think of wisdom as something they must attain through suffering or renouncing of worldly possessions. Wisdom does not require either of those things. There is only one thing wisdom requires and that is the willingness to be open. To be open to all the experiences in life that surrounds you. Experiences that perceived on many different levels. Wisdom can be an active force in our daily lives. Wisdom is linked to perception of the physical dimension and to the less perceived dimensions as well. We see something in this dimension as one thing, this triggers a response in our brain and then we use perception to put it all together.

Everything is filtered through our perception of any given situation. This can protect us and cause us delayed growth depending on how open we can be to any given situation. Case in point, when we are little we are taught that a stove, when in use, should not be touched. This was a base understand that had to be developed over the years. At that point in time we had yet to really create a conscious connection to our higher dimensions around us so it was a very simple response. We learned. It WAS truly hot. Now that same way of thinking can assist us in limiting our lives on so many levels.

Our past experiences are not only in our minds but in our physical bodies as well. Many of us have been working tirelessly on processing so many outstanding issues in our lives and we keep wondering where the increase in wisdom is? We have peeled back the onion of our own personal existence till there was nothing left to peel. No where to go, except inward. Go into the space of no-space and there you will see the face of God looking back at you. We connect back to our true selves.

When do we get IT? What else must I do in order to attain this new deeper understanding? The answer my child is no-thing. There is nothing you do not already have except the awareness that you posses it. All you need do is awaken to that understanding. There is nothing in this world or in the higher dimensions that can not be known. You have all the keys to the kingdom you need. The question is, do you have the wisdom how to use those keys and are you willing to increase what you already believe you know to be true?


And the greatest of these is LOVE. Love has be discussed, discoursed, wars fought over, groups of people lead to their deaths all for this one word. What could I possibly say to you about Love that you have not already heard? No-thing. All we can offer is just a few reminders. In our creation process we have mastered knowing, created merging, witnessed alignment, enhanced joy, awakened true giving leading us to deeper wisdom that has always been there and now we give it all for Love. Love is what we are at the core of our being. Every direction you can go with any thought has love at its core. The absence is love is still love at its core.

Most people think of love as only a feeling of the heart. It is the cornerstone in our being that is an active force in our daily lives. Every breath we take, every thought we think has the ever changing energy in it. We can not be separate from it at any time. It is what we brought with us into this dimension and it is what we will take with us when we leave. Our purses may be light as we cross over but our hearts will be full.

How active is love in your life? Think of 5 things your can do starting today to increase the activity of love in your life. Expressions of Love for others AND yourself should be your target. Will you listen to your own inner voice more and let it guide you, will be more kind to others, will you tell your spouse how much you truly love them.

A Side Teaching on Love:

This must be said as there are those that need to hear these words and feel these thoughts.

You must move. There is nothing constant in your physical dimension. What is constant is nothing you can put a finger on or find in a box, a book or on the television. It is the expression of something greater than your more dense selves. It is life, it is love, it is compassion, and it is true wisdom. For when we give of these things with an open heart the world around us can change. Sometimes we fear change. We fear the loss of love. We fear the solitude that aloneness can bring. We fear it so much it causes us discomfort. I say to you now, “Which is worse; the pain of holding it so tight that we become tense, our bodies ache, we make poor choices about living our lives, we make false assumptions that should that person or that situation no longer is in our lives that we would be destitute emotionally and never recover, we would lose everything.

Truly, what do we own? Do we own the love of another? Is not love something that we CHOOSE to GIVE to those around us? As LOVE can be a choice, it is a choice that can be withdrawn at any time. Realize that you have no promises, no guarantees that you will be with someone for any amount of time. All you truly have is what is before you now, in this instant, and then it is gone to become a memory.

People change, therefore, relationships must change as well. When change is forced to be kept at bay you have forced stagnation. How long will your own personal damn hold back the tides of change? Symbolically water relates to change. How long can you keep it at bay? How is the fear of change eating your energy and sapping your strength so that the quality of the vibration of love that you are giving out is not the best it could be.

Do you honestly believe that whatever you consider DIVINE wants you to be unhappy and miserable in your life? Let me give you a little hint, if you are miserable because you feel you must atone for something you are in the deepest pit of all. Do you choose to be in misery and stay where love is not of the quality of vibration that you truly want in your life because you fear some unknown future? You have surrounded yourself with a nasty two edged sword, i.e., misery and fear. Both of these together can lead to immobility, you are frozen.


Have the courage to affirm your life. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Affirm your goodness (or as come call it God-ness) and allow yourself to touch that divine spark of life of that exists within you, as you. WAKE UP. Free those around you to be become who they are, NOT who you want them to be so they fit YOUR mold of a perfect mate, perfect spouse, perfect mother, perfect father, perfect child.

Have the courage to see them as they truly are now how you WANT them to be. Apply the law of unconditional love to them and to yourself. Each and every one of us has our own path to walk, our own way to be. All of us face challenges, all of us face LIFE. Realize that when you try to MOLD them into who/what you want them to be you are limiting whatever they came here to learn and are therefore taking that energy on as part of YOUR learning experiences. You are piling MORE onto yourself. Is your life not full enough? Do you really feel the need to take on the challenges of another? What say you now?

Copyright © 2009 by Jon Mark