Cleverness Chakra

The Cleverness Chakra is the first of three chakras located in Root Chakra Region of the body.  It is located in the tailbone and contains:

  1. The themes, challenges and lessons you are scheduled to overcome and accomplish this lifetime.
  2. The soul’s ability to incorporate spiritual and practical knowledge it has gained through many lifetimes into the present life experience.

This is our control and power chakra.  When we are learning our lessons, meeting our challenges, and are in control of all aspects of our lives, we have a healthy, open and balanced chakra that allows us to:   feel empowered; feel joy and grace; have full faith in ourselves and life; and have few physical challenges in our feet, legs, and digestive tract.

“Patricia” was a client of mine who had just ended a year-long unhealthy and unbalanced relationship.   Her ex-lover was a gambling addict who kept her off balance by lying to her, not keeping promises and disappearing for days on end.  She often felt insecure, limited in her ability to express how she really felt, unconnected, lonely, and a lot of toxic shame that she would allow herself to be in this “kind” of relationship.  She knew that it was time to leave this relationship when everyday she didn’t feel good about herself and life.  She was always on edge.  She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror and felt as if others couldn’t look at her either.

On her way to work one day, she had just locked her door and was thinking about how she could feel better about herself again.  Her thoughts went to him and how miserable and unsupported she felt.  Then it happened.   Patricia felt her “right leg disappear” and fell so hard on her tailbone and right foot that she couldn’t move for several minutes.    For several days she was in pain and finally went to see her doctor.  After many visits and a few leg and ankle x-rays, the doctor she said she couldn’t explain why pain was still present in her ankle and that the tailbone would heal on its own.

After two years of being in pain, Patricia contacted me for Spiritual Response Therapy session; a modality to release limiting past life patterns that negatively affects the quality of your present life overall well-being.   I immediately picked up a past life pattern of guilt and limitation with the ex (they had over 500 lifetimes together and less than 30% were positive) and past and present-life patterns of having her legs literally knocked from under her when she wanted to move powerfully move forward in her life.  She confirmed during one of our sessions she sprained her ankles at least four times in this life and as we talked she realized she sprained them when she was on the brink of making a decision about some aspect of her life.

I tuned into the Cleverness Chakra and saw a lot of unresolved past life energies of unworthiness, self-destruction, and despair stored there.  Her energy pattern was also very frenetic, as if the tailbone could not be grounded in place again.  The color I sensed was a dark muddy brown vibration.  Clear red ranging from light to a deep hue is the proper vibration for the tailbone. This all confirmed her feelings of inadequacy and being like a ship without a rudder;   she didn’t know how to move forward and let go of the pain.  She wondered out loud why she would pick her ex and what she was to learn from the situation.

Patricia immediately began feeling less pain in her tailbone and ankle after her first past life clearing session.  She was able to acknowledge her pattern of disempowering herself in this life and recognize her challenge of learning and expressing her worthiness in relationships.   To further heal herself, she was given a few things to do for the next month.  Patricia was given an affirmation to say every day, post around her house, and/or put in her wallet:   I step powerfully forward in all areas of my life with the full support of Spirit, the universe, and others.

She was guided to do a color meditation visualizing a clear red light rising up from the center of the earth filling her tailbone while breathing deeply and chanting one or more of these positive words (faith, joy, grace, cleanliness, involvement, purpose, power and self-control), a minimum of five minutes twice a day for a month.  Finally, Patricia was guided to visualize a time(s) in her life when she felt safe, in power, joy and/or grace.  By doing this, she would be able to feel time as if this were happening now, the present, further anchoring these energies into her tailbone and physical body.

After a few weeks, Patricia began to feel a sense of calm, acceptance and self-love.  She began to re-evaluate her life looking at her career, purpose for being here and the kinds of experiences and relationships she would like to attract to better enjoy life.  Patricia realized she picked her ex to learn to love herself again and feel more secure about whom she is; she was able to spiritually thank him for helping her learn this lesson.  She started painting again, something she loved doing as a child and a talent she brought into this life.   Patricia was excited and ready to use her newly regained power to step forward, find her niche, create wonderful relationships and transform her life.

Copyright © 2009 by Shirlyn Wright