An In-Depth Look At Chakras- Part 2

In 2001, it was revealed to Robert E. Detzler, author of The Freedom Path and Soul Recreation, that we now have an additional 18 principal chakras in the physical body.  These 18 chakras were originally located in our Living Soul Body.  The Living Soul Body is another name for Soul, which is the part of us that is spiritual, intuitive, aware and knowing.  Spirit, in order to better assist us to attain spiritual enlightenment, fully integrated the Living Soul Body into the physical body.  

These spiritual energy centers are now part of the physical body’s spiritual make-up.  Combined with the original seven principal chakras, the physical body now has 25 major chakras.  These 25 spiritual chakras are located in the body’s limbic system.  The limbic system, located in the brain, is a group of structures that include the hippocampus, olfactory bulbs, hypothalamus and amygdala.  It is associated with emotion and the physiological system’s ability to maintain internal stability.  The limbic system is considered the seat of Spirit.  

Although the 25 chakras are located in the limbic system area, they emanate their energies to the seven principal chakra sections of the body.  The 25 chakras located here are our connection to infinite dimensions of Spirit.  They enhance our physical connection to Spirit so that each person may access healing energies as well as ancient wisdom and understanding of the meaning and purpose of life.  Combined with the seven original chakras, these additional 18 chakras infinitely increase our access to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  

Each of the 25 chakras represents a part of the soul’s original framework.  They reveal different aspects of the soul’s experience and expression.  Everything the soul has learned and experienced through many incarnations, its personality, gifts, challenges and spiritual qualities are contained in the chakras.  The chakras also contain spiritual knowledge of the universe and of ourselves given to every one of us at the very beginning of time.  

Using the chakras to achieve balance, a sense of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, and self-realization is very straight forward.  The chakras must be healthy before any journey of enlightenment and healing can begin.  A healthy chakra is open, balanced, spinning in a clockwise direction and full of colorful light.   

Once the chakras are opened, this light can freely to flow throughout your body, healing all internal organs and balancing your emotional and mental bodies.  You may experience healthfulness and a change in your demeanor.  You may have more vitality, calmness, happiness and a sense of wellness.  

A closed chakra will emit little energy.  With an absence of energy, your body will not operate efficiently, possibly causing disease and illness in the body.  You could experience negative feelings, sluggishness, and discomfort.  Most importantly you cannot access your higher levels of consciousness.  

Because most Westerners are not familiar with these energy centers, our chakras are closed.  With practice and time, however, chakras can become completely opened to so that we can not only experience healing and positive energies, but, more importantly, access these higher levels of spirituality and consciousness.


Copyright © 2008, 2009 by Shirlyn Wright