Cleverness Chakra

The Cleverness Chakra is the first of three chakras located in Root Chakra Region of the body.  It is located in the tailbone and contains:

  1. The themes, challenges and lessons you are scheduled to overcome and accomplish this lifetime.
  2. The soul’s ability to incorporate spiritual and practical knowledge it has gained through many lifetimes into the present life experience.

This is our control and power chakra.  When we are learning our lessons, meeting our challenges, and are in control of all aspects of our lives, we have a healthy, open and balanced chakra that allows us to:   feel empowered; feel joy and grace; have full faith in ourselves and life; and have few physical challenges in our feet, legs, and digestive tract.

“Patricia” was a client of mine who had just ended a year-long unhealthy and unbalanced relationship.   Her ex-lover was a gambling addict who kept her off balance by lying to her, not keeping promises and disappearing for days on end.  She often felt insecure, limited in her ability to express how she really felt, unconnected, lonely, and a lot of toxic shame that she would allow herself to be in this “kind” of relationship.  She knew that it was time to leave this relationship when everyday she didn’t feel good about herself and life.  She was always on edge.  She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror and felt as if others couldn’t look at her either.

On her way to work one day, she had just locked her door and was thinking about how she could feel better about herself again.  Her thoughts went to him and how miserable and unsupported she felt.  Then it happened.   Patricia felt her “right leg disappear” and fell so hard on her tailbone and right foot that she couldn’t move for several minutes.     Continue reading

The Root Chakra Region And Reincarnation

Before entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the soul makes an assessment of what it needs and wants to learn this time around.  It reviews and assesses how previous incarnations evolved.  For instance, the soul will ask itself:  “What can I do differently to learn my lessons in more effective ways?”  “What are the negative patterns I trigger when I try to express love in a number of situations?”  “I want to be an artist again, how can I apply my creative artistic talents in a number of ways that are not self-destructive?”  “How will I express love for myself and others in a ways that are easy and compassionate?”  “What are the best ways for me and members of my soul family, who are in this life with me, to interact, learn, and support each other this time around?”  

Once the soul sets up its themes, challenges, goals, and qualities it wants to further develop, it decides where and when will be the best time to incarnate.  As the soul transitions down into the physical, a veil is drawn between the physical and spiritual worlds.   It immediately forgets who it is and why it is in the physical.  The soul also forgets all its memories from the previous physical lives in order to create new ways of expressing itself.  This is necessary so the soul does not become overwhelmed by past life memories and desires to “go back home.” Continue reading

Why There Are Seven Major Chakras

Why did the ancients, in an attempt to understand the connection between the physical and spiritual planes, divide the body into seven major sections?  Let’s talk a little about numerology.  Numerology is the study of the vibration of numbers and their inherent effect in and on our lives.

My High Self says that the vibrations of numbers, symbols, sounds and letters are gateways for specific energetic pulses to enter our physical environment and cause an energetic shift in and around us.  Numbers are neither positive nor negative energetic vibrations; they merely represent spiritual forces and energies, which act upon us in a myriad of ways.

So, what does the number seven represent? Continue reading

Gratitude Attitude

It is the real secret behind “The Secret.” That’s why you will see many articles here in the future that focus on Gratitude from many different points of view.

I believe that feeling true Gratitude is the same as feeling true unconditional love. Gratitude is the egoless state of feeling how blessed you are by Source.

Gratitude puts your attention on what is right with your life. It helps you focus on the good things. You always manifest more of what you focus your attention on. That is the Law of Attraction.

Check out this high energy video and do the Gratitude Dance!!

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young (all text, not the video)

The Game Of Negativity

The Game Of Negativity — “It’s what you are taught to become!”

For all ages


You can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year as long as you desire.


To help you and your loved ones to greatly suffer through life. 


To assist you to play this non-stop never ending game you have some support lines:

Phone a friend – your friend will let you complain, gossip and help you NOT solve your dilemmas because they are stuck in the Game of Negativity too!

Poll the news and media outlets – the news will allow you see the world as place of doom and gloom and supports your theory that nothing will ever get better!

Guilt/Blame/Judgment/Self Punishment (50-50) – which choice will make me feel better about myself today?   

HEY, CHUCK WHAT DO WE WIN? Continue reading

How to Escape Negative Reality

You ALWAYS have control over what you believe, think and feel. This may seem untrue when you first read these words. But the fact is, we can — at any moment — choose to think or feel differently.

Someone I have known my whole life regularly says these words:

“I can’t help it — that’s the way I feel.”

I’m sure you know people who say or believe something similar. In my opinion, those are some of the most untrue and powerfully self-defeating words one can say. (Perhaps “I hate myself” is worse.)

Bondage is – subjection to external influences and internal negative thoughts and attitudes.” — W. Clement Stone

Declaring that you have no power over your thoughts and feelings is a form of surrendering to a life in which you are a victim. You are then placed in a “prison” of victimhood. You life will suck and you will forever feel justified in complaining about the unfairness of life. You will then be able to blame your spouse, in-laws, children, parents, your employer, the economy, politicians, the phone company, the cable company, the car dealership, the street repair people, and of course, God for your miserable life. You’ll continually throw a pity party.

Does any of this sound familiar? Continue reading

How Perceptions Shade Your Reality

Perceptions are an awareness of elements in an environment (culture, home, society) through physical sensation and mental and intuitive comprehension.

As I was growing up, I perceived that if I went to school, got a job, and worked my way up, I would have a happy and successful life.  I perceived that if I stood up to my managers and told them that they were not treating their employees like people but rather like robots, things would change and I would be thanked for my candor and insight.  I perceived if I was honest and told people what I thought about life they would accept me with open arms.

I also perceived women were evil and dangerous because of Eve.  I perceived Adam was neither a very bright nor a good person.  I perceived I was unattractive, pretty, fat, goofy, smart, dumb, naïve, nice, mean, stiff, arrogant, happy and sad.  But I also I perceived I was not good enough…. Perceptions, the biggest enemy of all, can lead us down the garden path of doubt, uncertainty, emptiness, hostility, longing and middle class mediocrity.

From where do we get these perceptions of who we are?   Continue reading

Paying Attention

This is a message I received from my guidance on June 12, 2008.

Dear Ones,

It is important for one to look at one’s life with attention and reverence.

Attention to what is.
Attention to what needs to be done.
Reverence for yourself, reverence for others, reverence for all that is.
You will treat people and things differently if you have reverence for them. You will treat yourself differently, as well.

Most people have developed the habit of taking everything in life for granted. They do not even notice how miraculous and special it is. They don’t see the amazing divine energy that flows through everything. They do not appreciate all of the many things that operate smoothly and perfectly in their lives. They do not notice that their heart is beating, their lungs are breathing, their brain is processing, the street lights are working, their car is running. They only notice what doesn’t work.

They only notice when they or a precious loved one becomes ill or when they suffer a great loss. We implore you to pay attention now. Now. Now. NOW!! Now is the only moment of power. Now is where you always are, yet you put your attention on what happened (usually troubled by it) or on what you think (or fear) is going to happen.

Surely you can see how illogical (silly, really) it would be for you go on a vacation to a paradise and put all of your attention onto some awful place? But that is what most people are doing with their daily lives. You are already living in Paradise. The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you.

There are many petty issues and petty tyrants that you may choose to focus on, but not happily. Your focus on them will remind you what troubles you. When you are troubled, you are not acknowledging your connection to Source.

A good practice for paying attention is, of course, meditation. During meditation your thoughts and distractions, hopes, fears and fantasies will assemble a very large parade (with floats and orchestras) to march across your attention.through observing the spectacle of your mind, without engaging any of the thoughts or attaching to them, you can begin to see your thought patterns. You will begin to see how your particular mind-ego works to stay in charge. By developing this understanding, you can rise above the cacophony of the mind. when you recognize the tricks, the trickster can no longer fool you.

Copyright © 2008 by Victoria Young

Who Are We?

We are Spirit in physical expression.  We are more than the face and body we see in the mirror everyday.  We are more than our bodies.  We are the essence of Life, Love, Light, and Spirit.

As Spirit, we are created in and from something greater than our physical selves; we come from the Universal Source of Existence, God/Goddess, Shiva, the Creator, Spirit and any other Names given to the mystical All.   Spirit is the creator of all things, thus we are creators.  Spirit is all knowledgeable therefore we are all knowledgeable.  Spirit is love therefore we are love.  Spirit is powerful therefore we are powerful.  

Spirit is abundant therefore we are abundant.  Spirit is timeless therefore we are eternal souls.  Spirit is genderless and cultureless therefore, in essence, our souls are genderless and cultureless.  Spirit just is and we just are.  We are the energy of love because we are the purest expressions of the Spirit or Love Energy.   Love Energy is formless, expansive, and eternal.  In its purest full expression Love Energy cannot be contained, limited, or temporary.  Since we are the energy of love, we have also these qualities.  

Therefore, all of our answers to life’s questions are contained within us.   Continue reading

Getting What You Asked For

In April of 2001, I had just taken my Spiritual Response Therapy Classes with Robert Detzler and was on a super high.  I was beginning to take control of my life.  I’d learned how to clear negative energies, research past life patterns that were in my way of living a fulfilling life.  Life was clearer!  When I returned to work, I took my charts with me because I’d become addicted to asking questions, clearing energies and feeling good.  I would go in my office, close my door and just work on myself.  What about clearing for a new job?  How about clearing for a wonderful relationship?  What do I need to clear about my boss so I wouldn’t be so miserable?

I hated my university job.  I was not given any real leeway to be creative and innovative and was told by my bosses to, literally, do nothing.  I was in career development in charge of placing graduate students in corporate positions.  This meant I had to go to companies and convince them to hire our students for internships and permanent positions.  Because we had a high concentration of international students, this was a pretty challenging assignment.  In order to convince companies to hire non US students, I had to create ways for companies to see the advantages of hiring our internationals.

I had very little to work with and was handicapped because I wasn’t allowed to be creative.  I would go to meetings where, Charlie Brown’s teacher must have surely been present, “Wonk, Wa Wonk Wonk…”  You’ve got to be kidding me!  This is what I went to school for?  To be brain drained and waiting to retire!?!   There were days when I’d arrive at work and just stare at the doors trying to will myself to just walk through them and take the elevator to my floor.  “Come on, Shirlyn, just go in…you can do it.”

Continue reading