Your Life is a Symphony

I received this message from my guidance in 2005.

Dear Ones,

It is important for you to understand that you are the sum total of your thoughts and beliefs. There is nothing that is you that is separate or independent from your thoughts or beliefs.

You must understand this, dear ones, in order to have the core understanding necessary to graduate to “higher” levels of knowing. These so-called higher levels are all predicated on accepting that you have created your own beingness out of thoughts and beliefs. From there springs the truth that you create your entire reality — everything you experience, everyone you draw into your life and all of those so-called “unexpected” events.

Thoughts are vibrational energy. The tone and frequency of your thought vibrations create your beliefs, much like musical notes when put together create a song or even a symphony. Your symphony is your masterpiece created from notes (thoughts) that have been combined into songs (beliefs) and the songs have created your symphony — your life — your entire existence.

Is your symphony harmonious and beautiful? Dramatic and discordant? Does your life seem to flow effortlessly or do you struggle at every turn, feeling like you are battling a fierce headwind? Is your world friendly or hostile?

What is your value to the world? How do you measure who you are? By your talents and accomplishments? By your intelligence and wealth? By your grace and beauty? By your kindness and compassion?

As magnificent and luminous as you are with all of your talent, achievements, accomplishments, beauty, wealth, kindness, compassion, helpfulness — it pales in comparison to the luminescence of your eternal self. That part of you which is beyond judgment and jealousies is the part of you that knows your own divinity and the divinity of all that is.

Are you living life with passion? Is your experience robust and full? Or do you let fear, worries and unfinished business nag you from a corner of your life? When you live in the now — only the current experience is important. Then your energy is full and free to dive in and relish every moment. Savor your time as you laugh with a friend, make a decision at work, fix a fence, scrub a toilet, get a massage, walk in the woods, feel the sun on your face, take a bite of delicious food, run an errand, or pay your bills. Give thanks for every experience. Even the “lousy” experiences teach you so much about yourself, your beliefs, your growth. Be grateful for them, too.

Copyright © 2005, Victoria Young