You Create Your Reality Out of Habit

I received this message from my guidance in May, 1987. It seems just as relevant today.

Many of you do not realize that your reality is created out of what you call “habit”. The only reason you find it easier to believe in a world full of misery, danger, hunger, war, and disease is that you have gotten in the habit of doing so. Over time, your entire species has come to accept such things as “reality” and “unavoidable”. As long as you all are in the habit of believing in such a negative reality, then such a negative reality shall be yours.

You further compound your situation by the use of what you call your entertainment systems and that which you call “news”. We notice that you only find pain, tragedy, suffering, murder, war, and such as newsworthy. They are the things which get your biggest attention. You have a very negative attention direction and it is getting more so all the time. In addition, you have your entertainments as television, cineam and such. These are also very full of pain and struggle. The most popular are the ones with the most violence, the most manipulative behavbior, the cruelest men and women. Thopse forms of entertainment which attract the most popularity are those which reflect the most common thought patterns of your culture.

Do you really wish to perpetuate such? Or do you resign your selves to it as being inevitable? Please do not give in so easily. For you have created this unhappy mess and you can create a very happy reality indeed if you but change your habits of thought and resulting action.

It requires discipline and concentration to break such habits. For you see, once a thing becomes a habit, its resting place is below your consciousness. If you wish to break such habitual ways of viewing your world, then you must pay close attention to your thoughts and images. This requires a disciplined awareness for those thoughts and images which have become your habit will surface unnoticed. Once they become habits, they are “automatic” like background noise that you no longer notice with the passing of time. Like the background noise, they can slip by unnoticed.

That is, unlesls you have disciplined awareness. this disciplined awareness is like having a little person within wyou pays very close attention to what thoughts and images pass through, even those which have gone by thousands of times.

For a time, it may be wise to ask the question “why” over and over again. “Why is this my reality?” “Why do I do this thing?” “Why am I thinking this?” “Why do I believe this particular idea?” Keep asking and examining over and over until the asking itself becomes a habit with you. Once the asking becomes a habit, then you have achieved a state of disciplined awareness. For then you automatically pay attention to everything you think and every reality you create.

You will reach a point where your “why” questions and their answers move past so quickly that they appear to take no time at all. At first it may seem to be an interruption to what you regard as your “natural process”. As long as it continues to feel artificial and like an interruption, you have not yet made it a habit. Once it becomes a habit, like all habits, it will seem “normal” and like back ground noise, unobtrusive.

Everytime something happens in your life which triggers your feelings of anxiety, fear, pain, etc., then it is very important to return to the “shy”. All that occurs in your life is a reflelction of your own realinty and beliefs and therefore you have created it. Even when you think it appears to have been created by others, you created it.

It is important to remember that you are the center of your universe and the creator. Therefore, when you adopt the habit of asking “shy” — you always pull attention back to the center of the universe, back to yourself as the source of your situation. You must also please balance with the other side of this issue. When something in your life is making you happy, give yourself acknowledgement for creating the happy situation. There is no “luck” — not even if the good situation for you is winning the lottery! For as the center of the universe, you have created all your life circumstances through your thoughts and beliefs — even the good ones.

You are the creator of your entire reality — not just part of it! We encounter some people who are able to recognize that certain life situations are self-created by their own thoughts byt believe other situations in their lives occur totally independent of them. They think they have bad (or sometimes good) luck. Or they think other people have done something to (or for) them. Or they say it is the will of god or the activities of a demon. But you see, the habit of putting experiences outside of yourself keeps you from truly accepting your power.

When you decide that you are responsible for some of your experience byt not all of it, then you leave everything open for it! How do you determine which things you are responsible for and which things you are not? Many people attempt to use a physical cause and effect rule. This of course is a deceptive illusion.

The man who puts many locks and security devices on his house may say he is preventing a robbery. And when his home is robbed, he will say it was obviously the robber’s fault. He will argue that as owner he took every precaution to protect his home and the fact that the robber penetrated his security was beyond his control. However, if we look at the homeowner as the center and creator of his universe, we discover that his security efforts spring from fear that he will be robbed. In fact, he is so certain in this belief that he goes to great expense toattempt to stop it. Of course, it is not possible to prevent that which you believe in so strongly.

The woman who actively searched outside her own religious faith for a Catholic man did so because she knew that Catholics do not believe in divorce. Her desire was to find a husband who did not believe in divorce in order to insure that she would remain married. She married a DCatholic man. After 20 years of marriage, he divorced her for a younger woman. The wife will tell you that becuase she purposely sought a Catholic husband, she did everything possible to prevent a divorce. She will further testify that his divoricing her is not her resoponsibility and that the husband did so without any assistance on her part. Once again, if we place the wife at the center and creator of her universe, then we discover how strong her fear (and therefore belief in) of divorce was. She was so convinced that divorce was a threat that she methodically sought a husband from the Catholic faith in order to prevent that which she believed so strongly would happen.

If the homeowner and the wife had gotten into the habit of asking “why” they thought a certain thing and then changing the negative fear-thoughts to positive ones, they would have not needed to work so hard to prevent what they were fearing. If they were no longer fearing, they would not have been creating that which they feared with their thoughts. Much energy and grief could have been saved. Most humans are doing this daily. You are in the abit of expecting disaster and misery. And you are working so fervently to prevent it. Because you work so hard to prevent it, then you blame “luck” or “human nature” or “God” or some other person for what occurs.

You can collectively and individually develop the habit of taking responsibility for events in your life. You must first start by paying attention to your thoughts and images as they emerge to your consciousness. Once you begin to notice and question why hou have certain beliefs, especially the negatiave fearful ones, then you will begin to realize you have no need to retain these fearful notions.

Then you can decide to release negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. This is by far, the most efficient method of dealing with fears and concerns. If instead you spend much time and energy working at the physical, behavioral level to change or prevent a circumstance, then it will surely win over you eventually.

For as you take responsibility for what occurs in your life, then you grant self the power to create the circumstances you truly want. You can focus your energy and power into creating a positive universe for yourself. It is your life, your creation, your participation. Relax and enjoy it. With disciplined awareness you can much more powerfully create your happiness.

Copyright © 1987 – 2009 by Victoria Young