Why I Stopped Watching The News

I don’t watch the news anymore. I trust Spirit to make sure I find out about anything I REALLY need to know. I don’t seek it out, though. I do occasionally visit the Good News Network (you can find it in my Links to the right).

Listening to, reading or watching the news creates anxiety. I know a woman who gets positively frantic every time she hears about a new disease or virus. She talks about it and its dangers to anyone who will listen. She says she listens to audios and videos of Abraham and the Law of Attraction, yet she lets the news steer her completely away from that understanding. She says she knows your thoughts create your reality and yet she obsessively puts her attention on negative stuff because it is on the news.

I know another woman who does the same thing with news from the political realm. I hear people in restaurants discussing the news with great intensity. The more negative the news, the more intense they get.

For some reason, when people hear something on the news, they tend to believe it is more real and more solid because it was on the news. In actuality, it just contributes to creating more of the crap you say you don’t like. If you put your attention on bad news, that’s what you’ll manifest more of.

The powers that be at the news organizations seem to think that danger, hate, genocide, tragedy, war, cruelty, death, destruction and disease are the most newsworthy topics. Putting your attention on the news causes you to be distracted and put your attention on things you are against. Why would I want to give power to the things I don’t like? I would much rather give power to the things I do like.

FYI, I was a news addict. Really. (“Hello, my name is Victoria and I’m a news addict.”) I had news channels on as background noise all day long. I prided myself on being able to converse intelligently on any topic. I competed with others (my intellectual friends) to prove that I was extremely well informed. I was well informed about crap that did not matter. More than that, I was inundated.

My time spent meditating and working with my guides was offset by listening to the news and making it real for me. The peace and sense of well being I got while meditating went away quickly when I watched the news and allowed myself to get caught up in the “it’s a dangerous world out there” mentality. My blood pressure rose when I saw political pundits arguing and I decided one of them was WRONG. I got lost in the “us versus them” mentality.

In Meditation I found Oneness. In the news I found separation and duality.

Long after I knew that watching the news was counter-productive to my chosen path, I continued to watch it faithfully. I had so much of my identity tied up in being smart, knowledgeable, quick-witted, etc., that I was not ready to let go of the news. I didn’t know who I would be without my “colossal intellect”. (Other people told me it was colossal and I quickly identified with it.)

But, gradually I found the energy of the news to be uncomfortable. I could feel the palpable negativity that it created. I found myself turning it off sooner each day. Now, I don’t turn it on. I am much happier, more peaceful and more creative without the news.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young