Welcoming to Oneness

by JonMark

Another Channeling I received — in January 2004

Concept for you to ponder.  What if, as you channel your ideas, you realize we are nothing more than the ‘communal’ voice of the level (dimension) ‘above’ the higher self.

Think of our verbs, our nouns, and our pronouns as nothing more than the communal voice.  Regardless of the name by which you call us — be it “Sung Tu” or “Fred” or any other name — we are the same Universal Consciousness.

We are admonishing you to be open to this new way of thought and allow it to empower you as you embrace this new concept.  We feel it is important for you to consider the beings that you channelled at one time to be the utterances.

So it is possible to have the singular emanation which comes from the higher self of a particular human being also be from the greater whole.  During the early part of the previous century, there were many great minds who spoke of spiritual matters, but they over stratified

First, we would have you discourse with others on “Oneness.”  The truth is that there is no difference between the white man and the brown man.  We feel it is not driven home enough on your dimension.

There are many who agreed to be a part of the teaching of oneness before entering this plane and have chosen another way.  They have forgotten….

Their higher selves are clearly aware of this alteration in choice and will review this with them upon their return.  Many will not get what you would call great report cards this time around.

Secondly, we urge you to discourse on the nature of personal power, leading to a discussion of what POWER truly means.  when that is discussed, ti will provide for many human beings the framework for shifting of their consciousness on a greater scale.

We would hope there would be discourse on what it truly means to be power-filled and a discourse on what it means to become exponentially multiplied… It is almost of epidemic proportion – the bastardization of power that exists in your dimension at this time.

The bastardization is closely tied to the human ego.  The thinking of “I am better,” “I am stronger,” “My way is the only way,” is that bastardization.

True power comes  with the awareness of the oneness of all beings and the understanding of compassion. To many in your dimension, “compassion” is soft, fluffy and somewhat nebulous.

Consider if you will, a shift in your understanding of compassion.  Yes, compassion is caring and caring can sometimes be a very strong sword.  Let me explain.  Caring means being open to someone’s needs other than your own.  The easiest way to explain is to use your own words.  compassion sometimes equates to what you call “Tough Love.”  I am caring for you, I understand what you are going through and I am going to let you go through it, eve=n though I know what a challenge it is for you.

There are many levels of understanding in that statement.

The true nature of power is not holding your situation (money, education, awareness) over someone’s head, but through empowering others, listening to what people want, knowing what their weaknesses and shortcomings are, allowing them to develop through their weaknesses. Victoria said that, like in Astrology, the most difficult aspects in your chart point to the areas where you can develop mastery.   To that we say, yes, the greatest challenges can offer the greatest opportunity.

If one of the other pieces are not there, then the dynamic cannot occur.

Third, the nature of healing of the energetic forms or levels of the human body.

We feel it s something that is very essential to have discussion on in this day and time.  We would hope that through this discourse on healing, many would become open to the awareness of more than just the physical body itself.

We would hope that as this awareness of more than just a physical body increases, the interplay of energies within oneself and the interplay of energies between each other would become clearer.  the teaching could center around the glorious understanding of vibration, of the vibratory bodies themselves, and this understanding would encourage increased thoughts of oneness.

What will become clearer to you, is that this discourse, and yet ALL of the discourses together will be painted in a circle.  You will start and end at the same place.  For, in truth, there is nowhere else to be.

You may find that being open to this energy may have a physical resonance with you in the back, at the base of the brain.  You will find that the energy we surround you with now, is at its core, the same energy you have at the base of your brain. You may think of that area as a disk that has had it coding broken and the stream of spiritual creativity and awarenes is flowing around you, above you and through you, awaking the next evolution of your journey.

If you need a visualization, think of the base of your neck (base of your brain) as the apex of an inverted triangle.  he point of the triangle rests right above the disk.  We call it now to awaken, awaken, and awaken.  May the cosmic energy flow down to that point….

Welcome to Oneness

Copyright © 2004, 2009 by Jon Mark