Thinning Veil Between Dimensions

By Jon Mark

I received this on 20 June 2009.


It is with great pleasure we enter into this space with you to begin this discourse. We will get right to the matter at hand for it is an urgent matter to many of you. We have heard the question from all of you and will take this time to respond to your questioning…”what is next”.

For the next 10 of your earth months the veil that separates dimensions will be quite thin. Normally those on the “other side” as you like to call it have some energetic distance between the dimensions. For the next few months this will not be the case. Many of the other dimensions will be moving very close to the dimension where you hold your physical vibration at this time.

For those of you visual in nature imagine many spirals in sorts of arrangements, think of them all bumping into each other with various arms of the spiral touching. If you can hold a quantum image in many dimensions all touching then you have a great visual representation of your next 10 months. It is not a single point of contact but multiple contacts on many different levels. Hold that image. Now realize that your own personal energetic fields will be responding in the same way. We heard someone say, “Mind your own vibration”. This is a good mantra for the next few months. Be aware when it is your own vibration causing the disruption in your energetic fields and when it is an external energy exerting influence over you.

We are compelled to use a word here that we do not use often. Over these next few months when you feel an energy encroaching on your own personal energy in a way that does not serve you, BANISH it. Now we do not use this word lightly. During these heightened times of sensitivity it is of the utmost importance that you keep your energy and the energy around you in alignment.

So what does this mean? First and foremost realize that in cosmic time, this is a great event. It has not been like this since millennia ago. This is a cause for great celebration. It is during times like these, energy patterns are vibrating at much higher levels than normal, perceptions are happening at a greater rate than normal. In fact ANYTHING dealing with vibration is being increased. When we say increased we do not mean in small increments, we mean quantum shifts. Putting it simply quantum leaps and bounds of personal and cultural energies are more likely to happen than have happened in years gone by.

Another, easier, way to think of it is that the great cosmic door is opening and a new wave of transcendent energy is flowing, surrounding you, enfolding you, watching over you as you choose the paths or ways in which you wish to apply this energy.

Unfortunately some of the older vanguard that ushered in the early vibrations will see this as their perfect time to leave the physical form and return to Spirit. Blessings to them. Release them to find their way back to source, take their words to heart and continue the lineage that has served you well. Continue to share, as there will be more ears open to hearing new messages than ever before.

This is a time of great transition for all on a path that returns them to Source, God, or Spirit. Some transition to other frequencies of energy. Others need something more of a physical nature. Some require releasing of old patterns to truly understand that it is time to move on and join with others on similar paths.

To some this will seem as the most disjointed, confusing and frustrating time they have ever seen. These are our beloved brothers and sisters that are learning the gifts in releasing. We use the word gifts on purpose. True releasing is a gift; an affirmation of belief.

There is no ONE modality that will work for everyone. It is a matter of introspection. We do not mean that you look inside your head and get lost in there. We would humbly suggest you spend more time looking inside your heart and find what energies have served you in the past and ask yourself if those energies are continuing to serve you now as well. If not, then a releasing is in order.

When releasing, release from a place of thank-full-ness and hold in your vibration the new energy you wish to replace that which you are releasing. We suggest that you not simply tie yourself to releasing when you have no idea of what you wish to replace it with. This leaves a void. Spirit does not, has not and will not understand a void. Some-thing must fill that void. We strongly encourage to you come from an energetic space where you see what it is you are asking for as though it is already made manifest.

Remember that it is best not to ask from a place of lack but from a place of feeling fulfilled (filled-full) with the vibration of that which you are manifesting. If you cannot see it and believe it then how can Spirit bring you that which you affirm.

With the “veil” being so thin at this time you will need to pay much more attention to your dreams. Each and every one of you should be taking note of the dreams, both awake and asleep, as well as those thoughts you have throughout your waking hours. There is great insight to be found within each and every one of you. In fact, you may find yourself sharing more of your insights than ever before. It is good to be of service to others and actively listen and give feedback when asked. Being of service that comes from the heart is always a good thing for both parties involved. For the one sharing it opens up more energetic channels that allows deeper understanding. For the listener it gives us a chance to be of service to those around us, to experience and possibly a growth in our compassion for our fellow travelers.

It is also a good time to pay closer attention to your “hunches” as they come to you. When the dimensions are this close there is a greater opportunity for assistance from Spirit. This assistance can take many forms and can come in many different ways. Stay open. Stay centered. Stay in your peace and see how those around you react.

As we said earlier, to many this is a time of great personal confusion. You might see an increase in agitation, anger, confusion, forgetfulness and then physical symptomology. Look for these types of behaviors in yourself, your neighbors, your city, your state, your country and even out to the world itself. Vibrations on a global scale are increasing. If you have not done so, make a commitment to send energy to those places on your planet that could use a little extra energy at this time. Places of unrest come to mind first; allow yourself to be open to other dimensions as well. Feel free to send energies to other realms that exist on your dimension as well, devic realm, crystalline realm, plant realm, or just focus on Gaia herself and let the energy find its own way for the highest and best use. Always remember that you will get back TEN fold what you send out to others. That is law.

Beloved, my sons, my daughters, our family, realize that you have arrived in the “most auspicious time” we have long spoken of. For those of you not fully walking your path we would suggest you consider making those course corrections and forging ahead with a renewed sense of excitement and greater good expectancy in your lives.

Do you experience greater good expectancy in your daily life? If not, then you have uncovered the place to begin your work. Every time you think a thought of “I wonder what” or “I wonder when” or “I wonder IF” — pay close attention to what follows after that thought. Is it a thought that brings more goodness into your lives or is it a thought that encourages limitations and blocks the flow of Universal GOODNESS that is simply waiting for you to call it into manifestation? Think about this beloved ones. Be the self-observer I know you truly are. Observe for those you love as well. If they are of a similar path lovingly share with them what you have heard/seen and this will enable a dialog to be opened where can both gain insight and your bond will strengthen.

In closing we would say first and foremost “Be still and in that stillness experience the divine that you truly are at the core of your being. Be open to the exploration and expansion of energies on all levels around you and rejoice in those discoveries. Be peaceful with every thought you think and every word you speak. Allow compassion to be your touchstone when times are challenging: compassion not only for others but for yourself as well. Be gentle people as you walk and be resolute when you stand in your truth. Be open to sharing with those around you from your mind AND your heart.”

From a point of light, within a greater point of light, to the place where Source itself resides, the heart of God we extend our energy to each and every one of you at this time. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that we hear you at all times day and night and are by your side no matter what comes your way. It is from this space that we surround you and enfold you with this great love that knows no boundaries. Be at peace beloved and know….

We will be sending more to you over these coming days for you to share as you see fit.

Copyright © 2009 by Jon Mark